You do not want to miss out on this year’s summer musical which is a beautiful rendition of The Rainmaker.

From the golden age of Broadway musicals, the live orchestra brings to life a sweltering 1930’s east Texas summer when a rainmaker comes to town and love is in the air!  Our heroine is Lizzy Curry, the plain-spoken daughter of a cattle rancher, whose dreams are simply to find someone who loves her for who she is. Will it be the con man Starbuck or the Sheriff File?

Showing July 14-17, 21, 23-24
Call for reservation 870-862-5474

• July 15 Box Office Special: $10 tickets for anyone 35 and under on Friday July 15th only.
• July 17 Wear Your Cowboy Boots & be part of the cast • Cast Party after the show

110 in the Shade is a musical with a book by N. Richard Nash, lyrics by Tom Jones, and music by Harvey Schmidt, the writers of The Fantasticks.

Based on Nash’s 1954 play The Rainmaker, it focuses on Lizzie Curry, a spinster living on a ranch in the American southwest, and her relationships with local sheriff File, a cautious divorcé who fears being hurt again, and charismatic con man Bill Starbuck, posing as a rainmaker who promises the locals he can bring relief to the drought-stricken area. Nash’s book is faithful to his original play, although all the interior scenes were moved outdoors to allow for the addition of townspeople for ensemble numbers and dances. Many of Jones’ lyrics come directly from Nash’s play.
110 in the Shade (1963) is a golden-age Broadway musical with music by Harvey Schmidt and lyrics by Tom Jones. From its opening bars,110’s symphonic score clearly evokes the Western ballets of Aaron Copland such as Billy the Kid and Rodeo—a connection further strengthened by the fact that Rodeo and 110 were both choreographed by the legendary Agnes de Mille. Schmidt clearly signals to us through the music where our sympathies should lie by having the romantic characters express themselves through beautiful, full-throated vocalism accompanied by lush instrumentation. Secondary and comic characters sing up-tempo numbers and dances and you’ll notice that unsympathetic characters barely sing at all. Starbuck himself tends to sing in more alluring popular styles like jazz, blues and even a Latin-infused number to musically emphasize his outsider status. Starbuck’s initial pitch to the townspeople is accompanied by a cool, hypnotic blues pattern in the piano over which he sings a complex vocal line full of “blue” notes—a jazz technique that mixes pitches from the major and minor scales and that contributes to his smooth charisma. Once Starbuck has his listeners interested, he switches to an energetic tempo and a tune that evokes gospel music with its driving syncopations and leads them in a hand-clapping, foot-stomping revival song to seal the deal.

The list of songs includes links to sound clips from the 2007 Broadway Revival starting Audra McDonald and John Cullum.

Act I
Opening “Gonna Be Another Hot Day” – File and Townspeople
Lizzie’s Coming Home” – H.C. Curry, Noah Curry, and Jimmy Curry
Love, Don’t Turn Away” – Lizzie Curry
Poker Polka” – File, H.C. Curry, Noah Curry, and Jimmy Curry
The Hungry Men” – Lizzie Curry and Townspeople
Rain Song” – Bill Starbuck and Townspeople
You’re Not Foolin’ Me” – Bill Starbuck and Lizzie Curry
Cinderella” – Vivian Lorraine Taylor and Lizzie Curry
Raunchy” – Lizzie Curry, H.C. Curry
A Man and a Woman” – File and Lizzie Curry
Finale Act 1 “Old Maid” – Lizzie Curry

Act II
Everything Beautiful Happens at Night” – Lizzie Curry and Townspeople
Evenin’ Star” – Bill Starbuck
scene Stay and Talk, into to Meisande
Melisande” – Bill Starbuck
Simple Little Things” – Lizzie Curry and Bill Starbuck
Little Red Hat” – Snookie and Jimmy Curry
Is It Really Me?” – Lizzie Curry and Bill Starbuck
Wonderful Music” – Bill Starbuck, File, and Lizzie Curry
Finale Act 2 “The Rain Song” (Reprise) – Bill Starbuck and Townspeople

We have a blended cast of classic SAAC veterans and fresh new faces joining us this summer! Our gracious community favorites have welcomed several new members of the SAAC theatre family in this show, including our incredible leading actors, Hali and Tanner! This is a group of multi-talented, hard-working, loving, creative, and kind people who are so excited to bring you a fantastic musical this summer.
Hali PinsonHali Pinson (
Lizzie Curry
) is thrilled to be portraying her character. This will be her first time as a leading lady and in her dream role, no less! She has been in multiple shows during her time at SAU including Wizard of Oz, and Beauty and the Beast, Godspell, and Seussical.

Tanner BerryTanner Berry (

Bill Starbuck
) is an incoming freshman Musical Theatre major at the University of Oklahoma who has performed in Arkansas and New York for over a decade. Some of his favorite productions include Godspell, Beauty and the Beast, and The Crucible. He would like to thank God, SAAC, his teachers and family, as well as the stunning cast and crew of 110 for their love and support.

Yancey KyleYancey Kyle (

) has appeared many times on the SAAC stage, including roles in Chicago, White Christmas, Oliver, Les Miserables, Twelfth Night, and Wizard of Oz. Once more he returns to our stage to play File, the town Sheriff. He is most thrilled to work on this production with his lovely and perfect daughter, Tallis Kyle.

Phil PinkardYancey Kyle ([fusion_popover title=”File” content=” The local sheriff. He is a lean man, reticent, intelligent, in his
late thirties. He />Rev. Phil Pinckard (George Curtis) will make 110 in the Shade his 20th production with SAAC and EHS. His favorites include Meet Me in St. Louis, The Scarlet Letter, Lion in Winter, and Inherit the Wind. Theatre has taught Phil lessons that he applies personally and professionally to his life. Mostly, he is happy to be theatrically wed to Abby Cate again!

AbbyCateWebAbby Cate (Hanna Curtis) This is Abby’s third show with Roe (Hairspray, Chicago). You may have seen her in Les Mis, Mame, Nunsense, Father of the Bride, Crimes of the Heart, Always Patsy Cline, or Meet Me in St. Louis among others. “I’ve loved SAAC since my first show in 1993 (Into the Woods). It’s my privilege to work with such incredible people having fun and creating.”

Emilia MeinertEmilia Meinert (Zanetta Curtis) is a junior at Louisiana Tech for theatre performance. She has performed in many shows in El Dorado and at LA Tech including The Woman in Black, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and Sleeping Beauty. She would like to thank her friends and family for their love and support. To God be the glory.

Bill MeyerBill Meyer (Clarence Updergraff), for reasons no one has been quite able to figure out, has been allowed to appear once more on an El Dorado stage after a decade of experience. He continues to drive a Corolla in order to stay humble and not become a prima donna. Ordinarily he mangles British accents in his roles, but this time he has an opportunity to mangle a Texan accent instead.

Haley PhillipsHaley Phillips (Odetta Updergraff) will be working with Monroe Moore for the third time. She has previously been seen in Oliver! and Chicago. Haley has directed occasionally and especially enjoys working with children.
Maggie MeyerMaggie Meyer (Marjorie Updergraff) has also appeared on the SAAC stage as a squirrel, a fairy, an angel, a flying monkey, and a Who… and occasionally as a human. She has particularly fond memories of her time as Zuzu in It’s a Wonderful Life. When she grows up, she wants to be a marine biologist and a circus acrobat.

Holland RuffHolland Ruff (Phil Mackey) will make his theatre debut here on the SAAC stage this summer. His talents include singing tenor and playing the trumpet!

Gary HallGary Hall (

H.C. Curry
) has an MA in theatre from Louisiana Tech. He taught public school for nine years and even took a group to perform in Edinburgh, Scotland. He currently teaches adjunct theatre and speech classes at SouthArk. He has been featured in numerous SAAC productions since 1975. Previous shows include Les Miserables, Oliver!, 1776, Grease, Godspell, and Cabaret. He has also directed productions including White Christmas, Picnic, Oklahoma!, Grease, Damn Yankees, Rumors, and Phantom.

Darrin RileyDarrin Riley (

Noah Curry
) is an Artist in Education for the Arkansas Arts Council. He has worked in fashion, film, television, and theatre in San Diego and Los Angeles. Darrin’s favorite shows at SAAC were Phantom, The Producers, White Christmas, and Les Miserables. After 32 years of dedicated talent, he is back in 110 and hopes you enjoy the show.

Brandon WallaceBrandon Wallace (

Jimmy Curry
) is a resident of Magnolia, Arkansas, and is a recent graduate from Southern Arkansas University with a degree in Biochemistry. While an undergraduate, Brandon played the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz directed by Michael Susko. He hopes to continue participating in theatre productions as a recreational activity.

Lainey WalthallLainey Walthall (

Snookie Updegraff
) is a junior at Southern Arkansas Univeristy. Her most recent shows include Godspell and SAU’s Wizard of Oz. Lainey is so happy to be a part of this great cast and has thoroughly enjoyed her involvement in the show.

Bob StephensonBob Stephenson (Joe Copeland) is quickly becoming a new regular, making 110 his third SAAC production in two years! He performed in last summer’s Wizard of Oz and last winter’s Miracle on 34th Street.
Donna CokerDonna Coker (Beverly Copeland) is ready for her 2nd SAAC production. Last winter she starred in Miracle on 34th Street and has sung at many of El Dorado’s Festival and Events around town. She looks forward to continuing her involvement in SAAC productions in the future.

Elizabeth PhillipsElizabeth Phillips (Beatrice Copeland) has performed in Twelfth Night, Oliver!, White Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Robin Goodfellow here at SAAC as well as several other student shows and vocal performances including El Dorado High School Oratorio. Betsy has enjoyed participating in 110 as she homeschools though the summer.

Tallis KyleTallis Kyle (Dolores Copeland) will wow us in her second-ever role on the SAAC stage. Last year’s Wizard of Oz was her debut performance and confirmed her love of theatre (which pleased her father of course). Tallis is seven years old and will be a second grader at Hugh Goodwin in the fall.

Jaime OgleJaime Ogle (Abigail Connolly) has performed at SAAC in last winter’s Miracle on 34th Street and in Odd Couple at SAU. With a full plate of four children to homeschool, Jaime enjoys her many creative outlets, which include illustration and photography as well. She looks forward to future productions!
Maggie PhillipsMaggie Phillips (Tammie Faye Connolly) has been in Into The Woods, Alice in Wonderland, Oliver!, Robin Goodfellow, and 101 Dalmatians. Maggie loves to act and dance, and both she and SAAC are excited for her future performances.
Hayleigh Farish copyHayleigh Farish (Annie) will experience her first SAAC production this summer and is very excited! She was a student at Bravo Dance Studio for 16 years, and is now a sophomore at SAU where she is studying for her BSN and participates in the Phi Mu Sorority.

Director and Choreographer MONROE MOORE
Music Director and Conductor SARAH STANKIEWICZ DAILEY
Assistant Director & Technical Director JUSTIN HOWARD
The temperature’s rising, and you know what that means-it’s time to make plans for the summer musical! 110 in the Shade tells the story of Lizzie Curry, a spinster living in a drought plagued farm town and Starbuck, the smooth talking con-man who promises he can bring relief to the drought-stricken area. Wet your whistle in anticipation for what is to come from the Calloway Theatre with these clips from other productions of 110 in the Shade!