Membership Showcase 2022/2023

2 Pieces per Artist 
One Entry $10 • Two Entries $20
Current Members Two FREE Entries

Select your two favorite works, created at any time in your lifetime and bring them for the show.


Gallery Exhibit:
December 1-15
Art Reception:
Saturday, December 10, 5:30-7:00pm

Again this year – anything goes! With the exhibit being a showcase and not a competition don’t miss this opportunity to select your two favorite works, created at any time in your lifetime, and bring them for the Membership Showcase. Artwork must not have previously shown at SAAC in Membership Show is the only rule. There’s no competition or cash awards, but you can sell your work if you wish.

2022/2023 Prospectus

ENTRY/FEE: Limit 2 pieces per artist. Entry fee is $10 each piece of artwork. New artists welcome. Current SAAC members may submit two entries for free. Entry fees for any new artists or renewing members will be applied to SAAC membership.
EXHIBITION: The show will be on display December 1-15, 2022 in the SAAC galleries.
RECEPTION: The artist’s reception will be hosted on Saturday, December 10, from 5:30-7:00pm.
PHOTO WAIVER: Any work submitted to SAAC for exhibition may be reproduced for promotional purposes. The receipt of an entry in the competition will constitute agreement by the artist with all conditions set forth in the prospectus.
DELIVERY & PICK-UP: Entries for the show may be delivered to SAAC anytime between November 10-29. Artwork pick-up days are December 16 and January 4-5 during business hours or over the holiday break on Friday, December 30 from 11am-1pm..
ELIGIBILITY: Pieces must be original and not previously shown in the last Membership Show. All 2-D and 3-D fine arts media accepted, including photography, computer generated art, jewelry, video, fiber art, and multi-media.
ART WORK: 2-D works must be completely ready for gallery display – presented in a clean, neat and professional manner with a secure hanger. 3-D works and multi media presentations must be display ready.
SALES: Sales are encouraged. There will be no competition or cash prizes awarded but work can be sold. A commission of 35% will be charged on all sales resulting from the exhibition. Works NOT FOR SALE must be marked NFS.
ALL THE FINE PRINT: All work must remain for the duration of the exhibit. Artwork completed under classroom instruction and/or reproduced from published material or work by other artists is not accepted. Work unsuitable for installation in the gallery may be disqualified. The gallery manager has final authority to define what constitutes an acceptable entry. Unclaimed work will become the property of SAAC after 30 days.