Meet Our Team

Beth James Burns

Executive Director

Carol Ellen

Office Manager

Jorge Villegas

AIE Artist in Residence

Kelly Campbell Phelps

Executive Assistant

Susan Hurley Harper

Media Relations

Lisa Tarver


Colleen Means


Shelton Harden

Education & Performing Arts Coordinator

Ronnie Bluford

Facility Maintenance

The staff at the South Arkansas Arts Center each has a title as you can see. In reality, each and every one of us wears many more hats. It is our hope that this flexibility means every member of the staff can help you with almost anything that arises. In turn, we hope, this makes your involvement with SAAC as rewarding as possible.

At the SAAC, we believe in the power of communication. So not only do we strive to provide accurate information, we also strive to be good listeners. Please feel free to contact us with any input you might have about how we can better serve you and our mission.