Open Call for Art! It’s time for our favorite show of the year, the SAAC annual Membership Showcase! The Membership Showcase is open to all SAAC members and NEW members. Current SAAC members get one free entry with the second entry for $10.  New members get two free entries.  Artwork in any medium, both two-dimensional or three-dimensional, are accepted. Artists may enter two pieces of artwork created at any time in their lifetime, but it can not have been shown in the last Membership Showcase.  There is no prize money, but we do encourage artists to offer their work for sale.

November 22, 23, 29 • Delivery Dates

December 1-17 • Exhibit Dates
December 2 • Artist Reception 5-6:30pm

December 18 • Pickup Artwork 11am-1pm
January 3-4 • Pickup Artwork 9am-5pm

To Enter:
  Select up to two piece of artwork. They need to be ready to display in the gallery. That means 2D work should be able to hang on the wall – in a frame, velcro on the back, pins to hang it from… 3D work is not required to hang.
•• Complete the online or paper entry form. Enter artist name, title of the work, media, and price if the work is for sale (SAAC takes 35% commission on all sales). Work not for sale should be marked NFS.
••• Drop the artwork off at SAAC by November 29. Be sure your name, an email or phone number are on the back of the piece.
•••• If an entry fee is due, pay at SAAC when delivering artwork. The second entry is $10 for current members. No entry fees for new members.

Full Prospectus
Optional Paper Entry Form

Exhibit Entry Form

Artists may submit up to 2 entires. All 2-D and 3-D fine arts media accepted. Complete the Online Entry Form then deliver the work to SAAC by November 29.
  • Entry #1

  • Artist receive 65% of listed price. Gallery commission 35%.
  • Entry #2

  • Artist receive 65% of listed price. Gallery commission 35%.
  • Click the submit button to upload the form. If an entry fee is due, please pay at SAAC when delivering artwork.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.