SAAC is hosting Texarkana artist Cindy Holmes and her exhibit entitled “Unorganized Thoughts” in the Price and Merkle Galleries May 31- June 26 with an artist’s reception on June 8, from 6:00-7:30pm.

Cindy J. Holmes is an artist working primarily in acrylics while incorporating the occasional collage. She uses bold strokes partnered with emotive color focused on the figure. Self-taught with the occasional workshop, Cindy has pursued the figure as a way of exposing her inner thoughts. Her art builds from those thoughts until they appear as statements on a visible canvas. Although currently living in Texarkana, Texas, Cindy’s work is held in private collections in the USA and England and with the EZ-Mart Corporation.

“I was so excited to be invited to show my work in the beautiful galleries at the South Arkansas Arts Center in El Dorado. While getting ready for this show in El Dorado, I realized that my thoughts splash around like fleas jumping off a dog! Since I paint what I’m thinking about, this can be an unruly process that might start one way and end another. But I’m okay with exploring all these exciting side roads no matter if they’re dead ends or not. It just leads me to another way of thinking about what I want to paint.,” Holmes said.

“When planning new paintings, I often build them around three main things. First, and foremost, is the figure. That is the first thing my eye goes to and I want to explore how they can make us feel just by using that figure in different situations. Second is found objects. By exploring thrift stores, I run across small, forgotten objects that inspire me to plan and paint “what if?” situations. My third type of inspiration is found in word play and clichés. We have heard them throughout our lives, either from family, friends, TV. We’ve heard them so often that they’re almost meaningless, but translated visually, they become a different story.

“Each painting starts the story by using those figures, found objects, and the incorporation of clichés into the titles. I lead the viewer to use their own personal experiences to explain, question, or finish the drama. And each story leads to another…”

For more information about this exhibit, please call the SAAC office at 870-862-5474. SAAC is located at 110 East Fifth Street, El Dorado and gallery hours are Monday- Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.

For more about the artist, find her online at…
Instagram cindyjholmesartist