Sign up for the next Workshop! Release your creativity in a  South Arkansas Arts Center art class! We offer something for everyone, from the newbie to the seasoned painter. Enjoy a time of relaxation with your friends. All the supplies are provided, and experienced local artist leads you step-by-step through the process.

NEW this month’s class will be hosted at 10am ! Local artist and crafter extraordinaire, Claire Tarver, will be in the SAAC Scene Shop on  Saturday morning July 18. Bring a cup of your favorite coffee or the fixings for a mimosa and be ready to learn the fine art of flower pounding on tea towels. Register with a friend and have some fun social distancing in the scene shop. Participants need to bring the beverage of their choice, a hammer and fresh flowers/foliage of choice. All other supplies will be provided. Cost for the workshop is $30, and participants are limited to 10.

Currently Registering:
“Flower Pounding” Workshop in the scene shop – July 18 at 10am!

Limit of 10 participants per class.

Got a hammer? Need a little stress relief? Then join Claire Tarver Beard in scene shop for the fine art of flower pounding on tea towels. Learn to extract beautiful colors from plants to create stunning and unique printed fabric. What you design is up to you! Flower pounding art is created with fresh flowers and other foliage – participants need to bring a hammer and fresh flowers/foliage of choice.
The hands on workshop will meet Saturday, July 18 at 10am. Limit of 10 participants. 

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