In honor of Doug Walton’s jubilee year, he is bringing the celebration to SAAC with an exhibition of work to fill the galleries and a 5-day artist workshop.

Creative Jubilee Encounter Art Workshop
by Louisiana artist M. Douglas Walton
September 12-16, 9am-4pm in the Merkle Gallery
Open to beginners to advanced artists • Fee $350

Each day the workshop opens with a lecture by artist M. Douglas Walton and closes with a discussion and critique of students work.  Bring your own canvases and enjoy using an array of 72 Benjamin Moore latex paint colors that will be available for your use. Artist should expect to have a least 10 finished of artwork by the end of the week long workshop.

Walton has taught over 700 workshops in 28 states.  Additionally, he has conducted a multitude of “Encounter Art Workshops” all over the world, including such places as Italy, Mexico, Bali, India, South Africa, Great Britain, Morocco, China, Indonesia, and The Netherlands.

Walton believes that “Within each of us lies a talent of greatness.  One must begin the process of becoming an artist without fear.  We must let go of the doubt and truly believe in our ultimate capacity of great achievement.  If we embrace discipline, there is no limit to our success.”

“There is an artist within each of us, but fear and doubt will keep a majority of us from ever realizing our artistic journey.  This creative class will be for those beginning their journey and for the experienced artist striving to achieve a greater maturity in their careers.”  The workshop will celebrate M Douglas Walton’s fifty years of teaching and 80 years of life.  “Allow this encounter to be your catalyst of embracing your art genius that lies within YOUR JOURNEY.”

“In April of 1971, I finally said YES to art and, unbeknownst to me, also to life. That simple response started a career as a professional artist and, through my teaching, I have changed the lives of thousands.  I would like the community to attend this unique opportunity and allow this experience to become their YES – their journey of becoming an artist.  The answer is YES.”

Paints: Provided
Canvases: 16×20 canvases 10 white/5 black OR all White (expect to use 2-3 per day)
Brushes: 1 or 2 good round brushes 8 to 12 size
1 or 2 – 1 ½-inch Purdy XL Nylon/Polyester semi-rigid
Bring any other brushes that you already have on hand
Pens: 1 or 2 ultra fine Sharpies (NOT extra fine)
Water Container (at least 3- to 4-inches deep)
Good Water Sprayer
Kitchen Sponges (cellulose and not foam)
Paper Plate or Plastic Plate (to hold paint)
Paper Towels

M Douglas Walton has used Benjamin Moore latex paint as the media of choice for his artwork for more than 15 years. Latex paints are made to spread, making it the perfect medium for creating gradations, plus they are easier to work with than acrylic paint.  Recently, Doug has curated his palette of colors into the perfect selection 72 colors for creating is his artwork.  You bring the canvas and Doug will bring the paint. Doug recommends artist use 16″x20″ canvases in the workshop – 10 white canvas and 5 black canvas. If you have all white canvases, you can paint a few black during the workshop. If artist would like to complete a larger piece in the workshop, you are welcome to bring a 20″x30″ or larger canvas too.  By the end of the workshop artist should have at least 10 finished paintings.

South Arkansas Arts Center

To Register Please Call SAAC at 870-862-5474