Director Hannah Davis will host auditions on January 18 from 4:30-6:00pm. Callbacks will be January 20 along with new faces who couldn’t attend auditions on the 18th.

Fill out an audition form and review the rehearsal schedule. Students will be asked to read a scene with other students and to move around, so comfortable clothes are recommended. Readings will be available the week before, but no advance preparation is required.

Students in grades 2-8 are invited to audition for this magical production. There are roles for 23 young actors in this production, with a few primary characters and several book characters. Some actors may get the opportunity to play two roles.

Rehearsals will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6:00pm, and not all characters will be required to attend every rehearsal.

Production Schedule
Audition Call Jan 18 at 4:30pm
Callbacks/New Faces Jan 20 at 4:30pm
First Rehearsal Jan 25 at 4:30pm
Parent Meeting Jan 25 at 6:00pm
Work Day TBA  April 2
Tech/Dress Rehearsals April 3, 5-7
Performances April 8-9

“The Enchanted Bookshop”

The show follows Margie, a scatterbrained bookshop owner, and the magical books in her shop. During the day, A Likely Story looks like any other bookshop, but at night the characters inside the books come alive. Dorothy, Robin Hood, Heidi, Tom Sawyer, Pollyanna and Sherlock Holmes want to help save the struggling store, but they’re not allowed to be seen by human eyes. After a band of diamond smugglers use the bookshop as a dropoff point to hide a stolen necklace, the characters must team up to find a way to defeat the bad guys–even if it means risking their very existence. Join us on this magical mission to celebrate the enchantment and joy of reading.

MARGIE • bookshop owner; scatterbrained, eternally hopeful 140 lines
BOMBALURINA • Margie’s cat; likes to steal things 8 lines
MOM • bored bookshop customer 24 lines
TIMMY • kid; hates books 10 lines
LADY IN RED • mysterious bookshop customer 24 lines
OFFICER KETCHUM • confused police officer 24 lines
FINGERS • jewel smuggler; dumb 61 lines
EDDIE • another; bossy and dumb 90 lines
BOOK FAIRY • brings the book characters to life; overbearing 29 lines
Storybook Characters
ROBIN HOOD • vain Medieval English outlaw 54 lines
TOM SAWYER • mischievous Missouri schoolboy 36 lines
SHERLOCK HOLMES • brainy English detective 58 lines
TOTO • Dorothy’s dog; not as brave as he thinks he is n/a
DOROTHY • Kansas farm girl; fearless, clever 64 lines
HEIDI • Swiss mountain girl; melodramatic 38 lines
POLLYANNA • New England schoolgirl; annoyingly optimistic 42 lines
FAGIN • English pickpocket; sneaky 13 lines
LONG JOHN SILVER • English pirate; treacherous 17 lines
DOCTOR DOLITTLE • English veterinarian; talks to animals 16 lines
QUEEN OF HEARTS • ruler of Wonderland; hothead 8 lines
FRANKENSTEIN • monster; grunts a lot n/a
WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST • Dorothy’s nemesis; smart aleck 8 lines
HOPALONG CASSIDY • noble cowboy 7 lines

Director Hannah Davis is no stranger to theatre, and the SAAC stage happens to be her favorite. Some of her past credits include: director of SAAC’s “Annie KIDS”; the character Rhonda and the hair, wig and makeup designer for SAAC’s “Singin’ In The Rain”; Grempkin in SAAC’s “Peter and the Starcatcher”; Madame Spanella in SAAC’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”; and director of SAAC’s “Disney’s Aristocats KIDS”. She has a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Louisiana Tech University. When not at SAAC she can be found teaching eighth grade English at Barton Junior High.

Cassie Hickman returns as the assistant director for this production. Hickman is a homeschool mom of two, as well as a homemaker. She has been the music director for countless productions on the SAAC stage, as well as teaching music and drama classes for preschoolers. Hickman’s first show on the SAAC stage was a homeschool production of “Alice in Wonderland” in 2015.

For more information please call the South Arkansas Arts Center at 870-862-5474

“The Enchanted Bookshop” By Todd Wallinger
Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, Colorado