An Hour For the Arts
A SAAC Study Series with Gay Bechtelheimer

Artist and educator Gay Bechtelheimer will return to the SAAC stage with a new spring “An Hour for the Arts” lectures. Please join us for a brief reception, followed by an entertaining dive into the context, characters, and culture of a variety of art movements.

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Thursday Evening at 6:30 p.m.
Wine, Beer, and a Snack

April 13th, Modern Art: Not in America!

Artist and educator Gay Bechtelheimer will present “Modern Art: Not in America!” on April 13 at the South Arkansas Arts Center. Sponsored by Cherie and Rudy Bright, the spring installment of Bechtelheimer’s popular lecture series will focus on the individuals who brought modern art to the US, how MoMA came to be, and the artists who created the work.

“For almost 30 years, the effort to bring modern art to the United States went nowhere,” says Bechtelheimer. “The attempts were continually hindered by war, economic crisis and a deeply skeptical public. It was a project that might have gone astray, and almost did, if not for the determination of a unique and committed group of people. These prescient individuals recognized and appreciated that the innovative efforts being made by artists in Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century were revolutionary and would have historical significance in the discourse, perception and development of art from that time forward.”

The evening’s events will begin with a reception hosted by SouthArk Arts in April, who will bring their interactive mobile mural to SAAC’s Merkle Gallery. Refreshments will be provided beginning at 6:30, with the lecture to follow.

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