Emmaline Landes’ “Love and Reflections” will be on display in the Lobby Gallery February 5-27 with an artist reception on Saturday, February 9, at 2pm.

She enjoys all art mediums but mainly works with acrylics on canvas. Studying under Maria Villegas, Katie Harwell, Sara Howard and Patrick Johnson, she’s continually evolving. In 2013, Emmaline created her own nonprofit project called “Heartworks”, a series of small paintings that she sells and then donates the proceeds to fund charities close to her heart. As a result of “Heartworks” and her charitable giving, she was awarded The Presidential Volunteer Service Gold Medal and The Prudential Spirit of Community Bronze Medal in 2017.

Emmaline said, “I find inspiration for my art in the joy I feel in helping others. The ‘Heartworks’ series I created represents that a little can change a lot. Small acts of kindness can change the lives of others. By creating small works that are widely affordable; small gifts have started to build and grow. It is important to me personally to give to others. It makes me feel the presence of God close to me and see the good in our ever changing world. It is creating from this base of emotion that my art goes beyond the canvas. All proceeds from this series benefit the ALS Foundation in memory of my Mimi.

“I believe that an artist’s work is a reflection of themselves. It is my hope that my work reflects the light I feel from helping others. I also hope it inspires a desire in others to use their talents and express their own voice. My friend, the late Rev. Garland Willis, taught that you should find the light within you and pass it along. I will always treasure his inspiring words. This exhibit is my way of passing the light along.”

Patrick Johnson said, “Emmaline Landes is the art student that art teachers want to clone so they can have a room full of students that want to make awesome art. Emmaline spends the time necessary to think about the meaning and the look she wants to produce. She thinks past the ordinary and develops original ideas that draw the viewer in, both in the visual and the conceptual. Her work is finished to a high degree of craftsmanship. Great attention is paid to every square inch of all work that she produces. The maturity level of Emmaline’s work is well beyond her years.”

Emmaline is a junior at El Dorado High School. She is a member of National Honor Society, Arkansas Student Leadership Initiative, Beta Club, Junior Steering Committee and serves as Treasurer of the Student Council. She is also a 3 year letterman of the Varsity Cheer Team and was named All American Cheerleader.

Outside of high school, Emmaline is a member of Camp Fire and attends First Presbyterian Church where she serves as Youth Elder. An aspiring college cheerleader, Emmaline trains for Coed Stunting and Tumbling at Infinite Tumbling in Ruston, Louisiana. She loves to travel, with favorite destinations being Hawaii, New York City, Amsterdam, London and Paris. Exploring art museums, finding incredible food and shopping at each location is her passion. “The Office”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, and “That 70’s Show” are on permanent replay at the home she shares with her parents, Roger & Shelley, her brother Eli, and her pets Promise and Piper.

Her artwork is on permanent display at FayRay’s Restaurant, the South Arkansas Arboretum and Hope Landing. At age 16, Emmaline is honored to be one of the youngest artists to exhibit solo at South Arkansas Art Center.