Creepy and kooky? Check. Mysterious and spooky? Check. All together ooky? Yes, but in a good way! The talented actors selected for the ‘Family’ in this hilariously creepy, iconic show are Matthew Cordell, Gomez Addams; Haley Phillips, Morticia Addams; Connor Stinson, Pugsley Addams (March 3-5) and Carmelo Brown, Pugsley Addams (March 9-11); Hali Pinson, Wednesday Addams; Pam Callaway, Grandma Addams (March 3-5) and Beth Callaway, Grandma Addams (March 9-11); Gary Hall, Uncle Fester Addams; and Roland Bradfute, Lurch.

The Addams family welcomes the Beineke’s portrayed by Darrin Riley, Mal Beineke; Felice Scott, Alice Beineke; and Zach Gamet, Lucas Beineke, as dinner guests on this fateful night, when Wednesday makes the decision to introduce her boyfriend, Lucas, to her family.

Another integral group on stage is the ancestors, once-dead members of the Addams family who have returned to life and add to the macabre ambience of the musical. Playing the men ancestors are Clayton Bolding, Brandon Wallace, Deondre Jackson, Bob Stephenson, Alexander Domingue, Austin Crank, and Nathan Gunter. Kristina Lee, Kelsey Lea, Jaime Ogle, Shannon Lynn Blakely, Bekah Gunter and Elizabeth Phillips will play the women ancestors. The ancestoral ensemble will be filled by Josie Denson, Kennedy Wells, Moriah Hicks, Stephanie Fussell, Jessica Raines and Kelly Middleton.

When asked about this highly entertaining show, director Monroe Moore said, “I am thrilled about this production of ‘The Addams Family’ and the cast we have assembled. We chose to double cast the part of Pugsley Addams to give two extremely talented young men the opportunity to perform the role. This show is incredibly funny and really speaks to the meaning of family. I think all families will enjoy this show and enjoy these iconic characters coming alive on the SAAC stage.”

“The Addams Family, A New Musical Comedy” is sponsored by SAMA Healthcare, Teague Auto Group and Southern Bancorp. Box office is open, please call the SAAC office at 870-862-5474 for tickets!! The musical comedy will run from March 3-5 and March 9-11.

Back Row: Darrin Riley, Nathan Gunter, Kelly Middleton, Hali Pinson, Ronland Bradfute, Stephanie Fussell, Gary hall, Brandon Wallace, Moriah Hicks.
Middle Row: Kelsey Lea, Jessica Raines, Pam Callaway, Matthew Cordell, Haley Phillips, Jaime Ogle, Felice Scott, Kristina Lee.
Front Row: Josie Denson, Carmelo Brown, Conner Stinson, Bob Stephenson, Bekah Gunter
Not in Photo: Beth Callaway, Zach Gamet, Clayton Bolding, Deondre Jackson, Alexander Dominigue, Austin Crank, Shannon Lynn Blakely, Elizabeth Phillips, Kennedy Wells