Please welcome the cast!

SAAC is pleased to announce the cast for the upcoming production of Disney’s “Newsies”, which will run July 20-23 and 26-30, 2023. Based on the Disney musical, SAAC’s production of “Newsies” is sponsored by Murphy USA.

“It has been a joy to come in and work with the fantastic talent that is at the South Arkansas Arts Center,” said director Ian Aipperspach. “The level of talent and the maturity of acting has been incredible to see and hear, which made casting the show a tough adventure, but everything fell into place, and we have the right actors to bring each character to life. I have enjoyed making new friends and ‘Seizing the Day’ with each and every one that has walked through the doors. “

Jack (Clayton Evers) and Katherine (Hannah Hickman) have a unique relationship. He is a handsome, charismatic, plainspoken young man who becomes the unlikely face of a strike for fair wages for newspaper workers. She is the daughter of Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of “The World,” and is trying to make a name for herself as a beat writer. Although she is prim and proper, she takes on the cause of helping Jack and his ragtag group of Newsies challenge her father for fair wages.

The Newsies are the hard-working kids of New York City. The heart of the Newsies resistance is Jack’s best friend Crutchie (Levi Nesbitt). The brains of this operation is book-smart Davey (Carmelo Brown) with his fearless little brother Les (Wiley Taylor) tagging along. Joining them is the proud leader of the Brooklyn Newsies, Spot Conlon (Grant Baker).

The Newsies of New York City also consist of Race (Madeline Couture), Romeo (David Valero), and Specs (Ellis Lyles). Filling out the roles of the Newsies are Braelyn Allen, Georgia Blackmon, Austin Crank, Lexi Dorrell, Sarah Kellett, Hailee Lawrence, Luke Legg, Will Legg, Sarah Kelley, Crista Hopson, Gracie Robertson, Kaylee Sullivant, Parker Thomas and Zoe Pyle.

An ally to the Newsies is theatre owner Medda Larkin (Hannah Hopson) along with her Bowery Beauties (Avery Hall and Summer Shipp) and Stage Manager (Charlie Hankins).

The main villain is Joseph Pulitzer (Gary Hall), the owner of “The World.” Working for Pulitzer are his bookkeeper Bunsen (Austin Groves), secretary Hannah (Addie Bosanko), editor Seitz (Keith Dixon) and the brutish Delancey brothers (Matthew Power and Parker Lacy) that “handle” the newsies.

Additional ensemble members are the crooked warden of the orphanage, Snyder (Kennedy Langston), Policeman (Blake Goff), Mayor of New York City (Hayden Nooner), and Governor Theodore Roosevelt (Mike Means).

Ticket prices are $10 for students, $20 for SAAC members and $30 for general admission. BOX OFFICE LINK