Local artist Ann Trimble and her newest exhibit entitled “A Collection of Portraits and Kaleidoscopes”, will hang in the Merkle and Price Galleries through August 30, with an artist’s reception to be held on August 13, 5:30-7:00pm.

Born and raised in El Dorado, Ann developed a love of painting at an early age.  She started art lessons at five years old, and while she used to describe herself as strictly an “abstract artist,” she still discovers her style evolving today.  Whether it’s a portrait commission, a funky piece of clothing, an exciting wallpaper pattern, a landscape photograph or some incredible interior design full of color, Ann creates her own interpretation onto a canvas.  Life always throws a new adventure, opportunity, or idea, so she feels an obligation to explore and create everything she finds meaningful.

After earning her BA in Film & Media Arts from Southern Methodist University she worked in Los Angeles in both film and television casting and talent management, all while continuing to paint on the side.  Ann returned to Arkansas in 2017, and shifted her focus to painting full time.

‘I think it’s safe to say there’s just “a lot” going on in this show – both to the eye and the varying subject matter,” said Trimble.  “After showing in the SAAC lobby twice before, this is my first show in the Price and Merkle Galleries, so I think I felt some self-induced pressure to create a show based around one concept and have some grand story about how I came up with these ideas to tie them all together.  While there are varying concepts in this show – kaleidoscope pattern paintings and funky, bright portraits all with varying subject matter- I guess the show can be summed up as a showcase of the new direction my work, focus, and abilities have both changed and evolved into over the last few years.

“Probably my favorite piece in this show is one of my personal pieces and that’s of Marie Antoinette. It was the largest portrait I’d completed up to that point and I remember thinking to myself ‘wow, I’m super proud that I could do that.’  I think many artists would agree that we go through varying degrees of self-doubt about our work at one point or another, so that portrait was a real turning point for me and my self-confidence. On another note, after finishing her piece of cake in the painting I realized that treats are just downright fun to create, so the cake kaleidoscope painting comes in a close second to my favorite piece.”

Gallery viewing hours are Monday- Friday, 9-5pm.