What goes with Singin’ in the Rain? Umbrellas, of course! Fourteen local artists have each put their own twist on the classic umbrella and painted a one of a kind piece of art which will be sold by silent auction. Umbrellas will be on display July 12 – August 6. Bidding begins July 12, and final bids will be taken on July 31. Come to our “Umbrella Closing” party on Tuesday, July 31, noon til 1pm and make sure you get the final bid on the umbrella of your choice! Have a drink and keep an eye on “your” umbrella – bidding ends at 12:30pm.

Participating artists are:
Claire Tarver Beard – Rain Stain
Sandy Bennett – Singin’ in the Pond
Clayton Bolding – 2018: A Film Odyssey
Kelly Campbell – Bon Voyage, Petite Tortue de Mer
Melinda Dodson – Sunshine on My Shoulders
Christy Allen Edmonds – Love is My Favorite Color
Rhonda Hicks – Rain Forest
Amy Machen – July Showers Bring. . .
Mike Means – MM
Darrin Riley – A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Chris Stone – Get Your Umbrella!
Dinah Van Hook – Color Shower
Brandy Walthall – Passages
Stacy White – Color Me Relaxed