Director Darrin Riley and Assistant Director Delaine Gates have announced the cast for the July production of The Wizard of OZ. Dorothy will be played by Sophia Meyer. Kari Gatewood will play Aunt Em, and Bob Stephenson will play Uncle Henry. Zeke/Cowardly Lion will be brought to the stage by Yancey Kyle; Joel Cheshier will play Hickory/Tin Man; and Hunk/Scarecrow will be played by Brent Miller. Lauren Johnson will play Almira Gulch/Witch of the West, and Kaitlyn Mahffey will play Glinda, with Jim Roomsburg playing Professor Marvel/Wizard.

Other cast members include:

The Great and Powerful OZ – Rob Bosanko; Munchkins Mayor – Alec Gatewood, Coroner – Elisabeth Hotard. Barrister – Delilah Slater, City Mother 1 – Lydia King, City Mother 2 – Kennedy Haire, City Mother 3 – Madeline Kneeland; Lollipop Guild Tough Guy 1 – Carmelo Brown, Tough Guy 2 – Myles Dennis, Tough Guy 3 – Daniel Frazier, Lullaby League Tot 1 – Tallis Kyle, Tot 2 – Jaylynn Crawford, Tot 3 – Haven Gathright; Fiddler – Addison Lange; Braggart – Ianna Hernandez; School Teacher 1 – Abby Rayne Geist; School Teacher 2 – Bailey Lange; Munchkin Ladies Lady 1 – Ellie Larson, Lady 2 – Destiny White, Lady 3 – McKinley Stewart; Crow 1 – James Keith Dixon, Crow 2 – Alec Aziz-Antal, Crow 3 – Camden Sandford; Tree 1 – Katherine Kuhn, Tree 2 – Charlsie Falcon, Tree 3 – Hali Pinson; Ozians Beauticians – Brooklynn Price, Jacqueline Wood; Polishers – Josie Denson, Holly Roomsburg; Manicurists – Kennedy Wells; Oz Man 1 – Jonathan Cruz; Oz Man 2 – Camden Sanford; Oz Woman 1 – Katherine Kuhn; Oz Woman 2 – Charlsie Falcon; Ozians Chorus J.K. Dixon, Alec Aziz-Antal, Camden Sanford, Hali Pinson; Winkies (Male Chorus) All men other than principles; Winkie General – Jonathan Cruz; Nikko ( Monkey Commander) – McCoy Davidson; Flying Monkeys Maggie Meyer, Mikaylee Burns, Andrell Brown; Jitterbug (Lead Dancer) – Jordan Burns; Dancers/Silks Skylar Jackson, Emilia Meinert, Rebecca Briggs, Hannah May Kyle, Avery Davidson, McCoyDavidson, Caty Gallipeaux, Christen Talley, Monique Cooper