Divisions for Adults &
Students 9-12 Grade
$380 in Prize Money

Judge Jay Barth
from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas

All entries are $5 each.
Submit any number of entries by digital image.
September 30
Exhibit: October 3-27
Awards Reception: October 11, 5:00-6:30pm


To enter, draw an editorial or political cartoon about any current event or political campaign issue of local or national interest. Judging will be based on originality; clear expression of a point of view; and visual presentation using one or more of the tools of a political cartoonist, such as humor, irony, caricature, symbolism, metaphor, sarcasm, and exaggeration.

• • • •
BEST of SHOW • $100
1st Place • $50 in each division
2nd Place • $25 in each division
3rd Place • $15 in each division
selected by the judge

Editor’s Choice Award • $100
and the chance to be published
in the El Dorado News-Times

Editors Choice Award
Ronnie Bell, General Manager of the El Dorado News-Times, will select one piece from the exhibit for the Editor’s Choice Award. Bell,  graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Judge Jay Barth
Barth received his PhD in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has spent his entire teaching career at Hendrix.  In his distinguished academic career, Barth is recognized as the M.E. and Ima Graves Peace Distinguished Professor of Politics, Bill and Connie Bowen Odyssey Professor, Director of the Odyssey Program, and Director of Civic Engagement Projects.
“I grew up with a daily dose of the political cartoons of George Fisher, the long-time cartoonist for the Arkansas Gazette.  Fisher’s best cartoons had all these elements that I see as vital to good political cartooning: a sharp perspective, innovative imagery, and strong drawing.   The best cartoons simultaneously make the viewer think, but don’t require the viewer to do too much work in discerning the message of the cartoon.”

Contest is open to everyone as single artist cartoons or collaborative cartoons. Two divisions: Adults and Students (grade 9-12). Entries must be original and unpublished work. Artists may submit any number of entries.  Entries must be an editorial cartoon about a current event or political issue of local or national interest. Artwork may be either color or black and white, and may be either hand drawn or digitally created. Multiple panels are accepted as one entry but digital submissions must include all panels on the same file.

ENTRIES/FEE: Entries are $5 each.  Entry fees are non-refundable.
DEADLINE FOR ONLINE ENTRY: September 25, 2016  Enter online by Sunday, September 25 at saac-arts.org and follow the instructions.
DEADLINES FOR DELIVERING ENTRIES: September 23, 2016 Deliver entries by mail or in person to SAAC by September 23 with entry form, entry fee and image to South Arkansas Arts Center, 110 East 5th Street, El Dorado, AR 71730.
IMAGE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Digital images only accepted. Submissions must be of a quality that they can be reprinted or displayed in a digital format. Multiple panels must include all panels on the same file. The preferred format is a jpg file around 2-3MB in size. All entries become property of South Arkansas Arts Center. ONLINE ENTRIES: Upload images with the online entry form. DELIVERED ENTRIES: Save all images on one CD and label it with the name, phone number and email. CDs will not be returned.
JUDGING: Selections will be based on originality; clear expression of a point of view about a political campaign issue or event; and visual presentation using one or more of the tools of a political cartoon, such as humor, irony, caricature, symbolism, metaphor, sarcasm, and exaggeration.
EXHIBITION: October 3 – 27, 2016 All accepted works will be on exhibit in SAAC’s Lobby Gallery Oct 3 – Oct 27, 2016. Selected works will be printed; others may be shown digitally.
LEGAL NOTICES: Entries must be original and unpublished work. Entries that do not meet the minimum size requirements or are not suitable for reproduction will be disqualified. Libelous, slanderous, racist or salacious entries will be disqualified. If artwork is accepted in the exhibit, artists agree to allow the artwork to be reproduced by SAAC and the El Dorado News-Times for any advertising or promotional materials related to the competition. The receipt of an entry in the contest will constitute agreement by the artist with all conditions set forth in the prospectus.

An editorial cartoon takes a stand on an issue or states an opinion about a problem or event in the news. Editorial cartoons express opinions but the main purpose is to make people think. They capture a moment in time – an event, a cause, a personality – that is important to that artist. To understand the cartoons, you have to understand the issues, recognize the effect on current events, and evaluate the opinions being offered.

Enter Online or Deliver To SAAC
Exhibit • October 3 – 27
Reception • October 11, 5:00-6:30pm
For more information or assistance with an entry contact the South Arkansas Arts Center 870-862-5474 or e-mail info@saac-arts.org

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