“The Portrait Experience”- An artistic collaboration between three talented artists and their students to create the students’ own self-portraits.  Lisa Burton Tarver and Maria Villegas, both Artists in Education  artists, and Sarah Beth Howard, art teacher at EHS, along with their art students, worked together to create this visually exciting and inspiring show, showcasing the processes they used to create the desired end results, from taking the students’ photographs to drawing the faces on canvas to painting and finishing their artwork. The show will hang in the Merkle Gallery July 2-15, with an artist’s reception on Friday, July 6, 5:30-7pm.

Jackson Allen
Victoria Arguello
Alexia Bailey
Mackenzie Bass
Christa Bolton
Jeremy Boone
Justin Brock
Dasia Brown
Garrison Cary
Breya Clark
Lydia Conley
Bronson Criss
Julius Cunningham
Alli David
Anaia Davis
Coriana Davis
Dorrian Dawkins
Lashae Downs
Tyler Everette
Sarah Faith
Ashlyn Falcon
Kaylynn Farris
Kyla Fields
Jade Franklin
Olivia Fraser
Kendra Frazier
Quintin Frazier
Sidney Gonzalez
Jonathan Goodman
Kania Green
Martavious Green
Jacoby Hankton
Alexis Harbour
Samantha Hargett
Kailey Hendricks
Zyair Hill
Caitlyn Hines
Cameron Hooks
Antwione Hughes
Cecelia Jackson
Ashanti James
Ashanti Johnson
Caitlyn Johnson
Ella Langridge
Adrianne Larry
Davontae Levingston
Bella Long
Tiesha McClain
Kori Meshell
Shelby Mills
Samuel Mondragon
Kentravious Moore
Gemma Navarro
Karli New
Lacey Newsom
Emmanuel Olmos
Justin Palmer
Shyla Parker
Hannah Qualheim
Aaron Raley
Ashanti Robinson
Bryson Robinson
Erinn Roblee
Errin Rodger
Angel Rodriquez
Carmerious Rucks
Alyssa Ruiz
Marquis Scott
Hunter Seeman
Alexia Thomas
Abigail Thompson
Samuel Thompson
Emigdio Torres
Nathan Torres
Shakaia Tubbs
Takari Turner
Abigail VanSickle
Daniella Villegas
Laura Villegas-Ortiz
Jasmine Wallace
Denzel Walter
Ayana Williams
Traylen Williams

Instructors: (left) Lisa Tarver, (center) Maria Villegas-Botte, (right) Sara Beth Howard