both-art-for-webEl Dorado native Ann Trimble is back for her second exhibit with collection of acrylic and oil pastels on canvas. “SOMETIMES, LESS IS NOT MORE” will hang in the Lobby Gallery May 30-July 31 with an artist reception hosted on Saturday, June 4, 6-8pm.

Ann’s passion for art began when she was just a child, at the age of five or six, when her Monday after-school activity was art lessons with local art teacher Melinda Camera-Godsey. She worked with everything- watercolors, oils, acrylics and other mixed media, and continued this for many years along with classes at El Dorado High School. After high school, Ann went on to SMU, where she studied Film and American History, and continued to take art classes there such as drawing, painting and photography as electives. She also studied Art History abroad in Italy in the summer after her sophomore year. She now lives in Los Angeles, where she works in the film industry.

Ann will be bringing a variety of abstract pieces using acrylics and oil pastels not all necessarily adhering to one theme or idea. She finds inspiration from everything, mostly being drawn to eclectic patterns and saturated color combinations.

When asked about her process, Ann says, “I’ve tried setting plans for how I’ll complete a painting or series, but, honestly, that usually ends in vain. It’s not a curse quite yet, though! I just have a pretty versatile style in the way I work. I’ve been working on a group of paintings based on the aesthetic of a runway collection that I’m incredibly enamored with, but I may find myself setting that aside momentarily to work on a painting based on a mid-century design that I’ve seen outside of a home, or I may abandon both to work on something based entirely on an earring I saw in a store. I’m not kidding! That’s how my ideas flow! Sometimes it’s good to bounce around on different projects at once- it keeps things fresh!”

“A blank canvas can be the most exciting but equally the most nerve-wracking thing. I may have a sketch of what I’m thinking, but most of the time I tend to start paintings with no idea where they’ll end up- and that’s exciting! Last summer I was commissioned to complete two paintings for a beach house and I was given photos and colors for reference. I loved having the boundaries of the space, but also having free rein to take what I had and expand on design and coordination to create something completely original for a lovely family.”