110 In The Shade (Revised) Based on the play, “The Rainmaker”
13 Character Roles for Adults and Teens and Ensemble of Chorus and Dancers

Friday, May 20, 6:30pm or Saturday, May 21, 2:30pm Attend Either Day
Registration begins at half hour before
Show Dates July 14-24

Download Audition Form

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Preparing for Auditions

Fill out an audition form and come prepared to read from the script, learn a short dance combination, and sing a selection from the show. A list of music selections and script readings that will be used at auditions will be provided in advance to allow everyone to prepare. Please select a song that shows your vocal range. An accompanist will be provided at auditions. For this show, appropriate footwear would be cowboy boots. A copy of the script will be available for review in the SAAC office.

Parts Available for 13 Character Roles for Adults and Teens
FUN and Open Show that Needs All Physical Types
Ensemble Cast with featured roles for both male and female character

Ensemble of Chorus and Dancers
Need all ages, assorted heights and variety of physical types for Townspeople.
Ages 7 and up welcome to audition for the ensemble.
Expect a musical theatre style of dancing and singing.

Need Help? If you need information about auditions, staff will be available in the lobby on Friday, May 13, 5:30-7:30pm. Stop by to ask questions! Pick-up an audition form! Get copies of the audition sides and music selections that will be used at auditions. And when you are done, slide into the gallery and enjoy the reception being hosted for the May gallery exhibit that is happening on the same night.


H.C. Curry (Baritone, 50-70): A Southwestern rancher and Lizzie’s father. He is in his late fifties, powerfully set, capable, a good man to take store in. But he’s not all prosaic efficiency – there’s a dream in him.
Lizzie Curry (High Mezzo-Soprano, 30s): H.C.’s daughter. At first glance, she seems a woman who can cope with all the aspects of life. She has the world of materiality under control; she is a good housekeeper; pots and pans, needles and thread – when she touches them, they serve. She knows well where she fits in the family – she is daughter, sister, mother, child – and she enjoys the manifold elements of her position. She has a sure ownership of her own morality, for the tenets of right and wrong are friendly to her – and she is comfortably forthright in living by them. A strong and integral woman in every life function – except one. Here she is, thirty-ish, and no man outside the family has loved her or found her beautiful. And yet, ironically, it is this one un-fulfilled part of Lizzie that is the most potentially beautiful facet of the woman – this yearning for romance – this courageous searching for it in the desert of her existence… And if some day a man should find her, he will find a ready woman, willing to give herself with the totality of her rich being.”
Noah Curry (Baritone, 30-40): H.C.’s oldest son and Lizzie’s older brother. He is somewhat like his father, without H.C.’s imagination. As a matter of fact, he has little imagination at all and would appear to be self-righteous and rigidly opinionated were it not for his basic decency and his warm yearning to be kind.
Jimmy Curry (Tenor, Dancer, 20s): H.C.’s youngest son and Lizzie’s younger brother. In his early twenties but big and broad-shouldered, he looks older than his years until he opens his mouth; then he’s a child. He’s not sure that he’s very bright and this is his great cross. He is filled with inchoate longing.
File (Baritone, 40s): The local sheriff. He is a lean man, reticent, intelligent, in his
late thirties. He smiles wryly at the world and at himself. Perhaps he is a little bitter; if so, his bitterness is leavened by a mischievous humor.
Bill Starbuck (Baritone-High G, 30s): A rainmaker. A big man, lithe, agile – a loud braggart, a gentle dreamer. He carries a short hickory stick – it is his weapon, his pointer, his magic wand, his pride of manhood.
Snookie Updegraff (Mezzo-Soprano, Dancer, 18-25): Jimmy’s girlfriend. She is perhaps seventeen, and pretty and pretty, and pretty, and pretty, and pretty. Which is to say she is pretty.
George Curtis A farmer-minister in his early fifties.
Hanna Curtis Wife of George Curtis.
Joe Copeland A rancher in his thirties.
Beverly Copeland Wife of Joe Copeland.
Phil Mackey About nineteen
Sammie-Sue Miller A teenage girl.
Townspeople Chorus and Dancers. Townspeople are not necessarily all good looking. Real people.

LOW Voices will sing “Gonna Be Another Hot Day” (Male and Female)

HIGH Voices will sing “Rain Song” (Male and Female)

AUDITION READING Everyone will read from these scenes between Starbuck and Lizzie

Meet the Staff

Director and Choreographer MONROE MOORE
Music Director and Conductor SARAH STANKIEWICZ DAILEY
Assistant Director & Technical Director JUSTIN HOWARD

About the Script

110 in the Shade is a musical with a book by N. Richard Nash, lyrics by Tom Jones, and music by Harvey Schmidt, the writers of The Fantasticks.

Based on Nash’s 1954 play The Rainmaker, it focuses on Lizzie Curry, a spinster living on a ranch in the American southwest, and her relationships with local sheriff File, a cautious divorcé who fears being hurt again, and charismatic con man Bill Starbuck, posing as a rainmaker who promises the locals he can bring relief to the drought-stricken area. Nash’s book is faithful to his original play, although all the interior scenes were moved outdoors to allow for the addition of townspeople for ensemble numbers and dances. Many of Jones’ lyrics come directly from Nash’s play.

The list of songs includes links to sound clips from the 2007 Broadway Revival starting Audra McDonald and John Cullum.

Act I
Opening “Gonna Be Another Hot Day” – File and Townspeople
Lizzie’s Coming Home” – H.C. Curry, Noah Curry, and Jimmy Curry
Love, Don’t Turn Away” – Lizzie Curry
Poker Polka” – File, H.C. Curry, Noah Curry, and Jimmy Curry
The Hungry Men” – Lizzie Curry and Townspeople
Rain Song” – Bill Starbuck and Townspeople
You’re Not Foolin’ Me” – Bill Starbuck and Lizzie Curry
Cinderella” – Vivian Lorraine Taylor and Lizzie Curry
Raunchy” – Lizzie Curry, H.C. Curry
A Man and a Woman” – File and Lizzie Curry
Finale Act 1 “Old Maid” – Lizzie Curry

Act II
Everything Beautiful Happens at Night” – Lizzie Curry and Townspeople
Evenin’ Star” – Bill Starbuck
scene Stay and Talk, into to Meisande
Melisande” – Bill Starbuck
Simple Little Things” – Lizzie Curry and Bill Starbuck
Little Red Hat” – Snookie and Jimmy Curry
Is It Really Me?” – Lizzie Curry and Bill Starbuck
Wonderful Music” – Bill Starbuck, File, and Lizzie Curry
Finale Act 2 “The Rain Song” (Reprise) – Bill Starbuck and Townspeople

The temperature’s rising, and you know what that means-it’s time to make plans for the summer musical! 110 IN THE SHADE tells the story of Lizzie Curry, a spinster living in a drought plagued farm town and Starbuck, the smooth talking con-man who promises he can bring relief to the drought-stricken area.