Belle and the Beast need your help rounding up some supplies for the summer musical.  If you’re cleaning out your closet, the garage, or the sewing room be on the look out for…
We will be updating the list as the project progresses, so check back!!

ball gowns: long dresses that can be reworked into ball gowns
rhinestones and bedazzlers
grommet making tool (only need to borrow for a few days)
townspeople clothing: skirts, peasant blouses, brown slacks
red cape
silver and gold metallic paint, tape, rope, clothing, fabric…
flat white sheets
40+ mugs/steins that can be painted and used in the tavern
tap dancing canes
serving treys & covered serving trays
wooden barrels
shepherd’s crook
horseshoe pliers, clinchers
antlers, for Gaston’s decorating
tools for the mob: hay rakes, spades, brooms, torches and lanterns (battery powered)
flowers: lots of single roses, silk flowers for several flower arrangements

4 different carts for the town scene and fake items to go on them
bread cart: baguettes and other bakery goods
meat cart: eggs, meat, poultry, fish
vegetable cart: fake fruits and vegetables
flower cart: more silk flowers and greenery

furniture, Queen Anne style, any condition, to be repurposed for props
fancy dining room table and 2 chairs
small round table
table on wheels

basics that are always welcome:
crafting supplies: hot glue guns, scissors, velcro
sewing notions: pins, scissors, needles and thread
sewing machine or serger
fabric and upholstery material
black fabric or sheets for stage masking
acrylic paints – matte only, no gloss or oils
painting supplies: brushes, rollers, paint tray liners, drop cloths
scene shop: wood screws, tape measures, zip ties, bungie cords
extension cords
baby wipes and Kleenex for make-up counter
bottled water for hard working volunteers at rehearsal