Tickets $55

Sorry, but tickets are no longer on sale for this event.

Our annual 5×5 Art Dash, usually held on May 5, had to be postponed – but we’re excited to schedule it for Friday, June 5, at 5pm. It’s the Cinco de Junio Art Dash this year!

But the date is not the only “new” thing for 2020! We dropped the price to $50 per ticket – and due to current social distancing, we have a plan for a different way to conduct the dash. Every ticket holder will be assigned a random order to select a piece of art. Preview the artwork in the gallery slide show below.

During a Facebook Live event, ticket holders will get to see all of the 5×5’s live and ask questions if they want – just don’t ask who the artist is! Then everyone will go in order their ticket was drawn to make their choices. You don’t have to have a Facebook account to participate in this event! The South Arkansas Arts Center’s facebook page is public, so you can access our page from any web-browser to watch the action.

You must be present – on your phone, computer or ipad – in order to select your painting. Anyone who does not respond will be allowed to select a piece after the live event has ended. We will email specific instructions the week of the event. Keep an eye on the gallery here or on our Facebook page to see photos of the 5×5’s as they come in, and watch for a special “share” of our margarita punch recipe!

Kelly Campbell, who organizes the event each year, said, “I love so many of the events we have here at SAAC – but I must confess – this is my favorite. It’s always so much fun! Bruce Coffey from East Camden and Highland Railroad has sponsored this event from the very beginning, and I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to Mr. Coffey. And the artists! At this point, we have so many wonderful artists who are willing to donate the artwork to us that we’ve started alternating the years that most of them contribute.”

Own a piece of art by one of your favorite local artists!
Laura Barrow
Claire Beard
Sandy Bennett
Angela Blann
Clay Callaway
Joan Coffey
Margaret Combs
Susan DeLone
Melinda Dodson
Houston Dunn
Jennifer Corteville
Treasa Evans
Henry Frisby
Annaleigh Harper
Katie Harwell
April Hoover
Beth Hubbert
Janice Hughes
Tena Hughes
Missy Inman
Pat Johnson
Gaby Juarez
Brenda Keech
John Keech
Helene Lambert
Ty Lewis
Tony Lewis
Pat Lowrey
Becki Lusk
Amy Machen
Mike Means
Lauren Meredith
Sarah Merkle
Selene Mondragon
Mary Ethel Morgan
Heidi Morgan
Chrystal Osborn
Ann Palculict
Spencer Purinton
Aleta Reed
Darrin Riley
Bobbi Shepherd
Christine Street
Marla Tomlinson
Ann Trimble
Dinah Van Hook
Pam Vernon
Jorge Villegas
Maria Villegas
Hayden White
Ann Wilson
Betty Wilson
Ramona Wood