Want to be a star? Tryout for a role in the upcoming SAAC production of “A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol” to be performed during the holday season. Roles are available for men, women and children of all ages. Come join in the fun!PARTS AVAILABLE FOR12+ Men & Women
6 Men’s Featured Roles
Characters need to look 17 – 70 years old.
3 Women’s Featured Roles
Characters need to look 19 – 70 years old.
3 Supporting Roles
including one that plays piano
2 Foley Artist Roles or more•Print an AUDITION FORM with Audition Instructions FlierCHARACTERS: 
Clifton Feddington
55 year-old, front man for WOV’s show.
William St. Claire
70 year-old, retired star of stage and screen.
Charles “Cholly” Butts
35 year-old, funny man.
Fritz Canigliaro
Early 40s, WOV’s resident masher, cynic and wise-guy.
“Little” Jackie Sparks
Only 17, lives with his mom, a tenor with a high speaking voice.
Judith Davenport
In her 30s, quite the cutup, the resident “leading lady”.
Margie O’Brien
30 year-old Irish-American comedienne, brassy and  flippant
Sally Simpson
20 year-old, plays all animals, babies, insects, little kids.
Isadore “Buzz” Crenshaw
24 year-old, “sound effectician” at WOV.
Toots Navarre
Musical director, pianist/organist for the Mystery Theatre.
(Could be a man or woman.)
Esther Lewis Pirnie
Backstage audio engineer and transmitter supervisor.
Harold J. Mullins
Concierge of the Hotel Aberdeen in Newark.
Foley Artists
Sound effects technicians

more about the music from the Samuel French Home Page (almost all the way down at the bottom of the page) – music clips
Sponsored by Simmons First Bank of El Dorado
FUN Show that Needs All Physical Types  
Ensemble Cast with Room for Extras
Parts for Senior Actors
Age 17 & up welcome to audition
AUDITION CALL TIMESAttend Either or Both Nights.
Monday, Sept 30th • 6:00pm
Tuesday, October 1st • 6:00pm
Lobby Open to Begin Registration at 5:30pm
Production Dates are July 11-21.
PREPARING FOR AUDITIONS For Character Roles be Prepared To:
• Sing one verse from a song
• Read from the script
Sing 16 bars (one verse and chorus) of an upbeat song that best shows off your vocal range. Please provide either sheet music or an accompaniment CD for the audition. Although the play is a musical, there is strong physical movement but no dancing required.  Dress comfortably and be prepared to move and show off your funny voices talent. Cold readings will be taken from the script.For Foley Operator Roles Be Prepared To:
• Make Some Noise

A short film clip and a collection of noise making tools will be provided to create a soundscape that brings the video to life.Scripts are available for one day check out.
Orchastration/Score is available to view in the office.
For assistance contact the SAAC office at 862-5474.Questions? Contact…
Assistant Director Thomas Brewster at rehearsal@saac-arts.org
Director Jack Wilson or Darrin Riley at 870-862-5474