Kelly Campbell offers two casual one day classes to get the basics or just to refresh your memory.

The first class, Basic Elements of Art on January 10, covers the basic elements of art: line, shape and form, space, value, texture and color. Spend the afternoon working in perspective (including one, two, and three point perspective), and in value and color study.

The second class, Principles of Art on January 31, covers how to apply the basic elements of art to the principles of art: balance, rhythm, emphasis, movement, variety, contrast, pattern, proportion, and unity.

Each class begins at 10am and ends at 3pm and costs $20. Bring a sack lunch or use the SAAC kitchen to warm something up. A fun time will be had by all!

Call 862-5474 to register or for more information.

Materials:  11”x14” sketch pad (can get at Walmart), pencil, ruler, set of tempera paint