Joe David Rice Book Signing Thursday 6pm

A book signing event will be held at the South Arkansas Arts Center on Thursday, November 8, for Joe David Rice, Little Rock author of “Arkansas Backstories: Quirks, Characters, and Curiosities of the Natural State” [...]

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Calligraphy Workshop November 13

A Modern Calligraphy Workshop will take place at the South Arkansas Arts Center on Tuesday, November 13 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. Supplies include an oblique pen, a package of nibs, calligraphy paper, a wooden ink [...]

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Register children now to take part in a wide range of artistic adventures this season at SAAC's Arts Academy. Classes are offered in glee, visual arts, ballet, graphic arts, drama, voice and piano for [...]

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Corks & Canvas • Aug 27

Why go to a museum, when you can be one?  Gary Hall’s August 27 Corks and Canvas will feature wearable art.  The design is primarily built around a phoenix, but can easily be modified [...]

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