Schulten-artDEE SCHULTEN began painting eight years ago after teaching high school English for 31 years. She said, “I always had wanted to paint, so upon retirement, my first act was signing up for an oil painting class at the Arkansas Arts Center’s Museum School. I had no illusions that I actually had talent, but thanks to my instructors, I discovered a love of color and abstract form.”

Schulten continued, “Painting has allowed me to discover several things about myself: I love the act of painting. I enjoy the scrape of my palette knife on a canvas and the feel of paint gliding onto the surface; I like nothing better than having a blank canvas in front of me, a palette full of paint next to me, and a palette knife in my hand; and I’m not interested in making a statement with my art. It’s a totally visceral experience for me. When I paint, I feel it in my gut. It makes me feel good.”

She has been pleasantly surprised by her success. Her painting Drought was chosen for the Arts Center’s prestigious 57th Annual Delta Exhibition. Hot Times was selected for inclusion in the South Arkansas Arts Center’s 2013 Juried Art Competition. Schulten has sold paintings at the Museum School Sale, the Arkansas Repertory Theater’s ARTWORKS exhibition, and other venues as well as to private collectors in Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas City, and New York City.

Schulten and nine other artists recently formed Co-Op Art in the Tanglewood Center in Little Rock, as a studio space and gallery to showcase their works. Her website is

Lobby Gallery February 9 – 27 • Art Reception February 27 6pm

image titles – oil on canvas
“From the Road”
“Landscape with Bottles and Apples”
“On the Avenue”