“Cosmos”, created by local artist Missy Inman, will hang in the Lobby Gallery April 1-27, with an in-person art reception on Thursday, April 8, from 5:30-6:30pm. Guests are asked to RSVP for a limited-entry time slots. The reception will be hosted for small groups, with scheduled times for viewing at 5:30pm or 6:00pm.

Reservation Required • Complete the Form Below or Call 870-862-5474

“Cosmos” is a compilation of multimedia artwork, with striking colors and pieces that draw you in.  “I took my first art class in 10th grade and was told that I had a talent,” said Inman.  “Over the next three years I took as many art classes as my schedule could handle. I found a passion that I had not known before. I immersed myself in art and found that I had a talent for it. I attended Henderson State University on an art scholarship and quickly realized that art would be a passion but not a career. I took up elementary education because it allows me to fuse my love of art with the love of teaching. I have been teaching at Hugh Goodwin elementary for more than thirty years. I was thrilled when we became the Art focus school because that was just up my alley. I have loved being able to instill in my students the thrill and love of creating in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Once my children had flown the coop, I found that I had more time to indulge in my passion of art. I remember meeting and being inspired by George Price who didn’t pick up art until he retired. I chose not to wait that long. I enjoy using all kinds of media in my art and playing with different materials and mediums to express my inner artist.

“I enjoy finding inspiration in the things that surround me. I love the creative process and am constantly on Facebook and Instagram seeing what other people are doing. I am not into art to make lots of money but rather to give a creative outlet to my mind and to help soothe the soul. I create to make myself happy and if other people enjoy what I create, so much the better. Luckily I have a spouse that doesn’t mind me disappearing for hours to create the art that my soul screams for.”

Kelly Campbell, gallery manager at SAAC,  is excited about Inman’s show.  “I was already looking forward to Missy’s show here at SAAC, and then I SAW the work. . .and I’m so excited to see it hanging in the Lobby Gallery! ‘Cosmos’ is a fitting title for her show – the mixed media pieces, with glowing colors and just the right amount of sparkle, could be landscapes from a beautiful, otherworldly planet.”

South Arkansas Arts Center