An Hour For the Arts
A SAAC Study Series with Gay Bechtelheimer

Artist and educator Gay Bechtelheimer will return to the SAAC stage with a fall series of “An Hour for the Arts” lectures, planned to focus on “people’s choice” topics, all suggested by guests at the spring lectures. Please join us for a brief reception, followed by an entertaining dive into the context, characters, and culture of a variety of art movements.

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Thursday Evenings at 6:00 p.m.
Wine, Beer, and a Snack
November 11th,
Pop Art

Join Gay as she cover the Pop Art moment.  She will survey the events and influencers, the associated artists, and the art historical movements it inspired.

With a “Wham!” and a “Bang!”, Pop Art emerged almost simultaneously in Great Britain and the United States in the Early 1950s. It was a major shift in the direction of modernism, with artists embracing the post-World War II manufacturing and media boom. Images from popular culture, the mass media, and mass production were all created to celebrate the optimism of the times. Pop Art was witty, gimmicky, glamorous, and full of humor and satire. The influence of Pop Art extends beyond the art world by influencing the business world and continually transforming culture into an ever greater artistic spectacle.

The Fall 2021 lectures include September’s talk, sponsored by Melinda and Michael Verdesca, focused on the work and impact of artist Gustav Klimt and the Vienna Secessionists. October’s “An Hour for the Arts” is sponsored by Cherie and Rudy Bright, and covered the work of John Singer Sargent. In November, Bechtelheimer will explore the world of Pop Art, sponsored by Mary Pat and Aubra Anthony.

“We’ve been looking for a safe, creative way to say thank you to our membership. By offering the lecture series free of charge, we hope to remind our members just what a wonderful community SAAC is, and how much their support means.” Laura Allen