Rhett and Hannah Faith Davis, co-directors for the South Arkansas Arts Center’s production of “Clue: Onstage”, have announced the cast of talented actors selected to play the famous roles in this production, scheduled to run October 22-24, 28, 30-31. The principal cast includes Hayden Nooner as Wadsworth, Bonnie Murray as Miss Scarlet, Steven Vick as Mr. Green, Elva Melillo as Mrs. White, Jacarllus Hill as Colonel Mustard, Traci Stevenson as Mrs. Peacock and Darrin Riley as Professor Plum. Rounding out the supporting cast are Lainey Walthall as Yvette, Kenneth Burns as Mr. Boddy/the motorist/Chief of Police, Jessica Raines as the cook/singing telegram girl/auxiliary Scarlet/backup cop, and Holland Ruff as auxiliary Mustard/the unexpected cop/backup cop.

“We have assembled a very talented and new group of people for this show,” said Rhett. “We have actors with all levels of experience on the South Arkansas Arts Center stage. You will see some familiar faces mixed in with a largely new bunch taking center stage. We had a fantastic group show up to audition and it really has resulted in an incredible cast from top to bottom.”

“Our lead, Hayden, will be having his first experience on this stage and he’s already leaving us in stitches as Wadsworth,” continued Hannah. “Our other six principal characters are all unique and hilarious, as well. Each brings their own form of comedy to the stage. The supporting cast is also incredible, as they really shape and mold the setting as both foreboding and comical. It’s been an amazing process so far, and I can’t wait for everyone to see how phenomenal our cast is. Come join us in October and see how far these characters will go when they’ve been backed into a corner!”

STANDING from left
Darrin Riley as Professor Plum
Steven Vick as Mr. Green
Kenneth Burns as Mr. Boddy/The Motorist/Chief of Police
Hayden Nooner as Wadsworth
Elva Melillo as Mrs. White
Holland Ruff as The Unexpected Cop/Backup Cop/Auxiliary Mustard
Bonnie Murray as Miss Scarlet
Lainey Walthall as Yvette
Jacarllus Hill as Colonel Mustard
Jessica Raines as The Cook/Singing Telegram Girl/Auxiliary Scarlet/Backup Cop
Traci Stevenson as Mrs. Peacock

The classic board game is brought to life in “Clue: On Stage”. Six guests are invited to a dinner party thrown by an anonymous host. They are given aliases–Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, and Miss Scarlet. Though discouraged from revealing personal information, it is soon discovered that all of them have fallen victim to the same blackmailer, their very host of the evening. Each is presented with a weapon and an option: pay their extortionist double, or kill the innocent butler. What follows is a madcap, slapstick evening full of murder, mystery, and laughs as they seek to puzzle out the culprit amongst criminals.

The production is sponsored by Sarah and Jeff Teague and Southern Bancorp. Dates for the production are October 22-24, 28 and 30-31. Shows will begin at 7:30 on the 22, 23, 28 and 30th, with the curtain going up at 2:30 on the 23, 24 and 31.  Ticket cost is $5 for students, $10 for SAAC members and $20 for general public.

Call the SAAC office to reserve your seats for all showings or click on the box office icon to purchase tickets online at our “Tickets to the City” Box Office.

See you soon!