August 2-30 sees the return of local artist Lee Scroggins hanging her work in the Lobby Gallery with an artist reception on August 12, 6-8pm.

Lee Scroggins’ watercolor paintings offer a fresh look at common vistas. After retiring and moving to the country, she began painting with the Pre-Boomer Bloomers at SAAC. Lee served on the SAAC Visual Arts Committee for two years and was chair her third year.

“My journey to learn how to watercolor began at SAAC’s open studio about a year after I’d moved to southern Arkansas from Las Vegas, Nevada, so that I could be close to family and live in the country in my retirement years. It’s a journey I’ve been on ever since,” Scroggins said. “To me, the way the paint moves in the water and the various effects that can be achieved are magical. It’s an ongoing exploration. Often, as I paint, I’ll think, ‘I wonder what would happen if… (I did this or that)?’, and then I’ll try it out. My education in art has consisted of the open studio, attending various workshops and classes offered locally, books, videos, the internet, and the generous sharing of tips and expertise by some wonderful local artists.”

She added, “While living in Nevada, I was an active member of the Nevada Camera Club. Many of my paintings start with going on a treasure hunt with my camera, alert and open to possibilities that present themselves, and making several photos of the same scene or subject from various angles and settings as my vision of a potential painting emerges. Others start with a vision in my head or a quick sketch.”

Scroggins continued, “At this stage I don’t have a ‘style’ I stick to. I’m having way too much fun playing watercolors and trying out different techniques, processes, paints, and color combinations. The possibilities are endless.”