“Back to Basics” by El Dorado artist Mike Means is currently hangs in the Lobby Gallery through May 31st.  SAAC will host an artist’s reception to honor Means on Thursday, May 31 at 6:00pm in the Price and Merkle Galleries with some added entertainment in the Callaway theater at 7:00pm.

Means’ new exhibit is what he calls ‘mostly pencil art’.  He has been busy primarily with his graphic art design business and  teaching classes at SAAC, but using pencil and colored pencils has always been his favorite medium.  Hence the name “Back to Basics” for this show.  He is happy to get back to the basics of drawing.  Means said that this show is an improvisation for him, as well.  He started each drawing with one beginning element that interested him and then improvised with the others parts of the drawing.  He added something that would be humorous or thought provoking in some way.

Originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and an El Dorado resident now for years, Means started out as a Draftsman and proceeded to the University of Arkansas seeking an architecture degree. Fate stepped in and he was pointed in another direction- graphic arts. After studying at the University of Arkansas, he began another adventure by joining the U.S Navy. He remained in the field of graphic design and spent almost 10 years as a “Draftsman/Illustrator” for the Navy/Government. After leaving the service, he worked as a Graphics Designer for several companies including International Paper in Camden, Arkansas. He now has his own business and freelances design worldwide.

“I also spend many fun hours in a local Improv Group that was originally started by Shelton Hardin and now has 6 individuals that love making people laugh! So, the second half of my reception at the end of the month will be a free IMPROV show here at SAAC.  Tips will be accepted which will go to the SAAC Scholarship fund so kids who may not normally spend time at a camp at SAAC this summer, can experience the FUN!”