Get your family together and paint monster pumpkins for your house. You will need pumpkins, a pencil, assorted colors of acrylic paint, a couple of brushes, and a little creativity for monstrously good time. Mr. Mike makes his version of a Mike Wazkowski and Sully from “Monsters, Inc.” If you’re looking from some inspiration to design your monster, watch the Disney Movie “Monsters, Inc.” before you start the project. You can host your own “Monsters, Inc.” watch party at home!!!

South Arkansas Arts Center

Mr. Mike invites you to join him for a WATCH PARTY of “Monsters, Inc.” online Saturday, October 17 at 1pm. He will be releasing his “Monster Pumpkin Painting” DIY video here on the Arts Academy web page soon. Get inspired to paint your pumpkin by joining us for the movie.  With the My Disney Pal app, we can watch the movie on Disney Plus together and using the chat feature Mr. Mike will post lots of Monster trivia about Mike and Sully.

You will need a Disney Plus account and a computer with the My Disney Pal extension. Look down at the bottom of the page for details on downloading the extension and how to join the watch party. The link to join the watch party will be posted on the day of the event. It will be posted here and on the SAAC Facebook page at about 12:30 to give everyone time to login before the movie starts at 1pm.

South Arkansas Arts Center

How to join our Disney Plus Watch Party for Monsters, Inc. using the My Disney Pal app.

My Disney Pal is a third party extension that allows us all to watch movies on Disney Plus and chat at the same time! The extension is available in both the Chrome or MicrosoftEdge browser. You will need to be on a computer or a laptop and have your own Disney Plus account.

How to join…
1) On your computer/laptop download My Disney Pal extension in Chrome or MicrosoftEdge browser.
2) Open Disney Plus and login to your account
3) Click on Mr. Mike’s watch party link and a new window will open with the movie.
4) Click on the extension icon to join our room and the chat window will open.
5) Enjoy the movie and Mr. Mike’s monster trivia chat.


Does everyone need a Disney Plus Account?  Yes. Everyone must sign into an account on Disney Plus in order to use the extension.

The window opened but I can’t find the extension? First, close the pop-up window that opens in the middle of the screen.  The extension should be a red DP at the top right of the screen.  You may need to click on the puzzle icon in the top right of chrome and pin the extension.

My name show up at “User” in the chat window. Can I change it? Yes. Click on the extension and in the drop-down window you can change your name form “User” to any personal ID you want.

If I leave the watch party, can I get back in? Yes, you can. As long at the watch party is still running you can click on the link and join again.  Our watch party room will be open a half hour before the movie. If you want to test the link you can login early, then leave and join again at 1pm.

Where can I learn more about My Disney Pal? Visit the developers webpage for more about the extension and how it works.