You are invited to sign up for a four-part Zoom Watercolor Workshop taught by local well known artist, Maria Botti Villegas.  The Zoom classes will be held on Tuesday nights, with the first class experience beginning on October 20 from 6:00-7:30 and following up on the next three Tuesday nights.  This will be a fun and interesting way to hone your skills or start a new hobby… virtually!

“Landscapes in Arkansas” Watercolor Workshop on Zoom Oct 20 – Nov 10 • Fee $125

In this four week workshop Ms. Maria shows how to paint a landscape in The Natural State. Ms. Maria gives the tools to choose an appropriate landscape from a photo, a magazine, or just by sitting at a setting. From drawing and sketching to painting with watercolors, Ms. Maria gives students the confidence to create a colorful landscape. This is a workshop intended for beginners as well as more experienced watercolor painters.

• Regular 2B pencil
• Eraser
• Sketch paper minimum size 9″x 12″
• Watercolor paper sheets 9″x 12″ (140 lb or 300 g) or bigger or a watercolor pad 9″ x 12″ (140 lb or 300 g)
• Watercolor set Prang semi-moist, Crayola watercolor set, or tubes
• Watercolor or acrylic rounded brushes size 2, 6, 10 or 12. Flat square brush for background size 3/4″
• Water container or glass
• A pair of scissors to make a window
• Board to mask watercolor paper
• Masking tape 1″ wide
• Paper towel

First class: perspective in a landscapes, basic approach to drawing a landscape. Foreground, middle ground , background. Composition. Create a sketch.

Second class: drawing a landscape in Arkansas. How to find the appropriate photograph or setting. Tools to adapt a photo to our needs. Make a window. Line Drawing. Transferring a sketch to a watercolor paper.

Third class: fundamentals of basic color chart. Primary and complementary colors. Mixes. Realism and Impressionism. Painting on the watercolor paper. Masking. Use of brushes. Painting the landscape.

Fourth class: add layers and finalize the painting. Reflections on the work done.

“I like to stimulate students to take sometimes a first step in creating a landscape. In Arkansas we are surrounded by wonderful hills, native prairies, strong tree trunks, and powerful sun light. Let us take advantage of this incredible environment to create our own particular way of envisioning the world around us”.

Maria Botti Villegas