Currently hanging now and through April 30th, the South Arkansas Arts Center is thrilled to be able to share with the public the works of famed Southern artist and author, William Dunlap, whose works have been shown around the world and throughout the country to much acclaim.

SAAC is fortunate to be hosting the artist and author for a weekend at the end of his show in El Dorado, and the community will have a couple of chances to meet Mr. Dunlap and talk with him about his art and the launch of his new book, “Short Mean Fiction”. Make plans now to join the SAAC on Saturday, April 30th at 6:30 pm for the quintessential Southern food and art experience as it presents “Due South”, a celebration of homegrown hospitality.

“Due South” will be a fabulous night to enjoy the taste of the South, with the SAAC presenting its group of celebrity chefs, whipping up their favorite field and stream dishes for a tasting menu. Most of these chefs are life- long outdoorsmen and women and will celebrate the best of Southern traditions with their delicious offerings. The chefs who will be gracing the stage with their cooking talents are: Greg Arnold, Roland Brevard, Donnie and Cathy Clayton, Kerlin Drake , Clara Jones, Steve Scott, Kenny Van Hook, Ian Vickery and Don Williams. Some of the cuisine from this illustrious group will be elk, venison, whole hog, dove, duck, redfish and many more enticing edibles, along with southern sides, grits and hot water cornbread. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to sample this fresh from the South cuisine. “Due South” promises to be a gala full of Southern charm, live music and the best of Southern food and art in one spectacular evening! William Dunlap will be the guest of honor that night and will be in attendance and available for book signings and meeting the guests. Tickets for “Due South” are $50.00 each and are available through the SAAC office.

Mr. Dunlap has also graciously offered to speak to students at El Dorado High School on Friday , April 29th, to share his journey with them. Also, on Saturday morning, April 30th, at 10:00, the SAAC will host a coffee and donut lecture with Mr. Dunlap, along with a question and answer time afterwards in the Price and Merkle Galleries . This will be an excellent time to hear his thoughts on his art and recent writings.

A critically acclaimed Southern artist from Mississippi, Dunlap’s paintings address history and place, as well as a deep appreciation for family, home and Walker Hounds. His paintings and mixed media canvases and installations are his conjurings of Southern life and culture. He does a masterful job of illustrating the architectural language of the South and presenting it to the viewer to be interpreted.

Greg Thompson, curator for this event and representative of Dunlap’s works in Arkansas, said ”Dunlap’s works fuse the sublime with a rich pageantry of what has come before, what is now and what will be in a gumbo-like stew of Southern narrative.”

For more information on William Dunlap’s show or tickets for the “Due South” party , please call the SAAC office at 870-862-5474