Putting on a show that takes place in a Macy’s Department Story and a New York City Courtroom is not so easy. To remedy this dilemma, the SAAC needs your help in finding props for the upcoming production “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Just like Santa, we have a list: any canceled mail that could look an envelope used to mail a letter to Santa; a modern cash register that works; Macy’s or popular store shopping bags; rolls of wrapping paper; wide colorful ribbon; toys for Santaland; a pre-lit six or seven foot artificial Christmas tree; non-breakable ornaments; white quilt batting; and two nice briefcases for our lawyers.

Sandy Maguire, who has been as busy as an elf collecting props, need help finding these items. “We’re trying to make this a magical experience, with a tinge of nostalgia, come to life as we pose the question ‘do you believe’,” said Maguire. She is also searching for a lot of toys, preferably new or in their box, for Macy’s Santaland. Let the “spirit’ of the season move you by donating new toys in their packaging. At the end of the production, these toys will go to young boys and girls in need within our community.

If you have anything that can be used for “Miracle on 34th Street,” please bring them to the South Arkansas Arts Center, located at 110 E. 5th Street in El Dorado and help us “make miracles happen.”