In preparing for the 50th celebration of providing education and entertainment in the arts, the South Arkansas Arts Center is currently collecting information for an upcoming film documenting SAAC’s influence throughout the community. The film committee is currently searching for items to showcase the rich history of SAAC that could be photographed and reprinted or the original item put on display for the film’s opening.

Committee members Laura Barrow, Austin Barrow, Joanna Benson, Beth Compton, Richard Wharton, Darrin Riley and Jack Wilson have spent the last few weeks searching through the archives to reconstruct SAAC past. “We are looking for memorabilia, conversation starters, and unique tidbits about the art centers history. It would be great to find items from 50 years back. We want to present an accurate history of the past 50 years of SAAC. We are excited to see what people have to share,” said Laura Barrow, committee chair.

The committee is looking for a few iconic items that will help us express the emotional impact SAAC has had on the community.

“The best thing we have found would be the amazing scrapbooks as far back as 1964(the year El Dorado Fine Arts Center was founded). These books detail the rich history of SAAC. Our town has amazing roots in the arts and we are so lucky to have SAAC be the place that cultivates these deep roots. The only thing I can imagine that would beat the scrapbooks would be a time machine. We would like to have a really awesome vintage costume piece,” said Barrow.

If you have anything in your “collection of memories” that would help with SAAC’s quest for history, contact the SAAC office at 862-5474.