SAAC is thrilled to partner with Murphy-Pitard Jewelers to raffle a stunning diamond and sapphire necklace as a fundraiser for the production “Peter and the Starcatcher”.

The necklace, called The Starcatcher, is truly a one-of-a-kind, custom creation. It was designed by Graduate Gemologist Amanda Pitard and created by Master Bench Jeweler Manuel Rodriguez. Pitard turned to the whimsical, imaginative subject matter of “Peter and the Starcatcher” for inspiration. The tale, filled with pirates, mermaids, and plenty of magic, informs the necklace’s lighthearted design. Made of 14 diamonds and two marquise cut sapphires, the sparkling creation is an asymmetrical, white-gold Y necklace, with a pair of diamond stars as its centerpiece, valued at $3200.

“It’s such a beautiful piece of artistry,” said SAAC executive director Laura Allen. “This is the second time that we have worked with Murphy-Pitard on a fundraising raffle in support of our fall show, and Amanda always finds inspiration for a unique piece of jewelry in the show’s subject. We love partnering with them on this project.”

The Starcatcher is on display at Murphy-Pitard Jewelers, in their “Peter and the Starcatcher” themed window display, though the run of the play, November 1-6. Raffle tickets are available for $20 at both Murphy-Pitard Jewelers and SAAC board members, as well as at the SAAC office. On November 6, the winner will be selected before the closing performance.