Join Suzi Dennis for a fun collage workshop Friday evening 4-9 and Saturday 10-4. Cost for the workshop is $145 and members get a $20 discount.

Suzi Dennis is a self-taught, working artist who works out of her studio at her home in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on beautiful Lake Hamilton. When she began drawing and painting somewhere around age 10, she never dreamed she would someday make her living from her art. “It didn’t come overnight, and it’s nothing I’ve spent my life working toward”, said Suzi. “It was a gradual thing.” She spent 25 years of her life working “real” jobs and raising children, and it wasn’t until she was over forty that the process began for her to be where she is today. Through the years she was faithful to continue to sketch, draw and write, recording these thoughts and images in journals and sketchbooks. She said, “One day I just said, ‘I’m ready to paint again,’ with no thought of it being anything other than just that. I had to get it out.” After traveling for 15 years doing art fairs, she returned to work for three years as a nurse. She officially retired in April 2012 and is now back full time in her studio. A mixed media artist who loves layers, her focus at this time is painting paper, making and using paper tape and using these things along with up-cycled materials in making handmade journals and collages. She also teaches workshops online, in her studio and traveling to Oregon, Missouri and Virginia teaching with Art & Soul Retreat Workshops. Suzi said, “I love teaching! That is the best!”

You can see Suzi’s art on her Facebook page “Suzi Dennis-Painted Papers Studio” and on her website

Call 870-862-5474 to register.

Supply list from Suzi:

  • Brushes (I will have some. Bring whatever you use.)
  • Water container to clean brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Acrylic paints (Any kind any color. Your favorites!)
  • Paper scissors
  • 2” wide roll of masking tape
  • Parchment paper
  • Mod Podge (Matte with the yellow label)
  • A substrate to do your collage on. (I will have mat board you can use if you want.)
  • Papers to paint on suitable for doing collage. (I will have some also.)
  • Tissue paper. White and any other print or color you want
  • Stencils and/or stamps
  • Anything you want to play with on paper. Ie: Markers, wc crayon, pencils, pastels, etc.
  • If you have a silicone sheet, bring it. Not necessary to go buy.
  • Gesso
  • Exacto knife