A public reception/architect’s talk is scheduled in the Price Gallery on Saturday, November 10, at 5pm for “UTA Student Projects: DOWNTOWN HOTEL +”. The architectural studio at the University of Texas at Arlington has developed designs for a hotel in El Dorado adjacent to the Murphy Arts District. Last June, Professor George Gintole’ s graduate students explored the entire town of El Dorado and particularly the downtown core. In the ensuing weeks, students concluded that a hotel with a range of businesses such as a furniture showroom, a brewery, or an urban garden would enliven the urban surroundings and improve the enjoyment of the area of the courthouse square, the Murphy Arts District, and the South Arkansas Community College for both locals and visitors alike, spurring the regional and national interest in Southwest Arkansas.

UTA Professor George Gintole
Architectural Designer and tenured professor at the University of Texas at Arlington School of Architecture, George Gintole studied at architecture and design at Cooper Union and received his Master of Architecture Degree from Princeton University. He has also taught design courses at Harvard University, the University of Lund (Sweden), and the University of Virginia. George is a principal at The Art of Logic, with design projects across America and the UK, and is an honorary member of the AIA.


Douglas Stanton, NCARB
Mr. Stanton is a registered architect, practicing in Los Angeles since 1992 on a wide range of residential and commercial projects. He has taught architectural design and lecture courses at the University of Arkansas and the University of Texas at Arlington, and has recently relocated to El Dorado to collaborate with Champagnolle Design. Mr. Stanton has a Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree from Texas A&M University and a Master of Architecture Degree from Princeton University.

Christopher Rice, AIA
Mr. Rice is a registered architect and has over thirty years of experience in planning and urban design, working on projects all over the nation. His planning career includes downtown urban plans, college and university campus master plan, athletic master plans, research parks and a variety of government and healthcare master plans. Mr. Rice has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Architecture from the University of Maryland.

Following is the complete list of the design studio students, however not all were able to provide their work for this exhibit.

Justin Ashby
HOTEL + Concept Car Development and Exhibition Facility

Jennifer Callejas
HOTEL + Urban Garden/Farming Education Center

Deisy Carrasco
HOTEL + Timber Industry Science Museum

Eunhee Cho
HOTEL + Aerial Photography and Drone Development Center

Freddie Jove
HOTEL + Professional Work Spaces for Business Start-ups

Antonio Molina
HOTEL + Brewery

Robert Oviedo
HOTEL + Health Spa

Tania Lecona
HOTEL + Recreation Center and Skate Park

Paloma Rodriguez
HOTEL + Design Products Showroom

Roxanne Torres
HOTEL + Art Studios and Galleries

Mary Valker
HOTEL + Live/Work Housing