Auditions are complete and here is the cast list. Congratulations!! Again, thank you to everyone for auditioning!!

Duke Orsino- Alex Jeffery
Olivia- Mollie Larson
Viola- Emily Cole
Sebastian- Justin Howard
Antonio- Ronald Culver
Sir Toby Belch- Mike Means
Sir Andrew Aguecheek- Bill Meyer
Malvolio- Yancey Kyle
Fabian- Keith Dixon
Feste- Shane Feazell
Maria- Shelby Gage
Priest- Dennis Keeton
Captain- Darrin Riley
1st officer- Danny Nicholson
2nd officer- Clint Taylor
Curio- Araceli Ramirez
Valentine- Betsy Phillips

Extras (character list includes sailors, lords, ladies)
Jessica Raines
Diana Araiza
Kelly Zeigler
Harleigh Gathright
Brooklynn Price
Kelly Matthews