You are invited to sign up for a four-part Zoom Watercolor Workshop taught by local well known artist, Maria Botti Villegas.  The Zoom classes will be held on Tuesday nights, with the first class experience beginning on February 2 from 6:00-7:30 and following up on the next three Tuesday nights.  This will be a fun and interesting way to hone your skills or start a new hobby… virtually!

WORKSHOP FULL • Fee $125 “Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting” Workshop on Zoom February 2, 9, 16, & 23 • Complete the Form Below or Call 870-862-5474

Wet on wet technique opens a new dimension on watercolor painting and frees us from inhibitions. The technique is more loose and forgiving. It helps us discover a new world of improvisation! By using different color palettes, from bright contrasting colors to more subdued and mutedstudents experiment with an array of open water techniques to stimulate their imaginations. Nothing more joyful than painting! For beginners to more advanced students.

• Regular 2B pencil
• Eraser
• Sketch paper size 8½” x 11” or 9”x 12”
• 5 Watercolor paper sheets size 8½” x 11” or 9”x 12” (140 lb or 300 g)
• Watercolor set Prang semi-moist, Crayola watercolor set, or Grumbacher watercolor tubes
• Watercolor or acrylic rounded brushes size 2, 6, 10 or 12. Flat square brush for background size ¾ and 8.
Angular brush size ¼ (optional).
• Water container or a glass
• 2 boards to mask one watercolor paper on each board.
• Masking tape 1“ wide or wider.
• 1 box of regular classic Crayola or any other brand of 9 to 10 markers. Do not need to be new markers.
• Paper towels

First class: Learn how to identify  different kind of  watercolor papers, and how to use brushes to apply wet on wet watercolor techniques with confidence and assertiveness. Then, students will mask two pieces of paper into the different boards and briefly draw the designs.

Second class: Review basic color palettes, by mixing and experimenting with two designs simultaneously. By working with two paintings at the same time, students will learn how to create solutions clearly and swiftly to most effectively succeed.

Third class: Learn how to layer with few brushstrokes after the paper has dried.

Fourth class: Wrap up! Be ready for a surprise finale.

“We all learn from practicing time after time. That is the reason I love to work on more than one piece simultaneously. This workshop is designed to expect the unexpected and to play with water and color palettes. By being more relaxed, we open ourselves to discover our own voice!”

Maria Botti Villegas

South Arkansas Arts Center