Lake Charles, Louisiana artist Candice Alexander is wrapping up her exhibit that been on display in the Price and Merkle Galleries. SAAC will host a “Wrap Up Party” on February 2, 2019 from 4:00-5:00 PM, on the extended closing day of her exhibit, “Fleur de Lis—Worlds Within”. This event is intended for anyone who has not had a chance to enjoy her work up close and personal, as well as for clients who purchased artwork during the show to pick up their purchases. Alexander will be on hand to sign her artwork and help “wrap it up” to go to its new home.

For over 12 years, Candice has been crafting Louisiana-inspired art, which gets collected nationally and internationally. Alexander Art Studio, which she founded in 2002 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, houses more than 800 of her designs, all inspired from the fleur de lis, depicting a myriad of subjects, mostly pertaining to Louisianan culture and life.

The pop-up shop at SAAC features a range of items, diverse in size and interest: paintings and prints, glass cutting boards, jewelry, lithographs, and art installations. Included in the show are subjects such as Mardi Gras, sports, sea life, and nature, as well as portraits of dogs, goats, and other pets.

With the “Fleur de Lis–Worlds Within” series having begun in 2007, Candice Alexander’s latest collection on sale is sure to capture the essence of the artist’s native community, while also being able to share it with residents of the El Dorado community.