EFF-selection-announcementThe 2nd Annual El Dorado Film Festival is very excited to announce this year’s program! The committee hosted an announcement party for the 2015 film selections on the stage Friday, July 31.  Event co-chairs Alexander Jeffery and Laura Barrow made the announcement on stage in the Callaway Theater along with a viewing of selected film trailers following.

The following films are screening in this year’s competition on September 17-19, 2015.


Valley Inn by Kim Swink – Made in Arkansas
The Philosopher King by Rouzbeh Noori – Sweden – Arkansas Premiere
The Hero by Luan Kryeziu – Kosovo – Arkansas Premiere
Best of 7 by Jonnie Stapleton – World Premiere


Good Hands – Argentina
Swim – Canada
The Washing Machine – United States
Mr.Dentonn – Spain
We Got Your Back – Sweden
Max – United States
Tom in America – Brazil
Michel – France
Bunny – United Kingdom
Intellectual People – Spain
A Game On The Line – United States
The Devil Goes Down – United States
Keeper of the Past – Germany
Lapsus – France
I’ve just had a dream – Spain
Don’t Touch Me – United Kingdom
Steven Caught a Star – Netherlands
Just Another Tuesday – United States
Butterfly Dreams – United States
Zsofika – Canada
Awakenings – India
Total Awesome Viking Power – United States
Dog Days – United States
Gas – United Kingdom
If Death Were Kind – United States
Parrot – Australia
Metaphor – United States
Twelve Traditions – United States


Still Here – Arkansas
The Dealer’s Tale – Arkansas
Shotgun – Texas
GRAPE SODA – South Carolina
Madeline’s Oil – Louisiana
Book of Lambs – Arkansas

More about the festival at
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