Have you ever wondered how they make people look old in the movies? Or how they make zombies look so disgusting on screen? Would you like to help with makeup for The Addams Family, A New Musical Comedy coming soon to SAAC? Come to the South Arkansas Arts Center and let master makeup man, Gary Hall, treat you to a day of learning how to do stage makeup!

Join Gary for a six hour stage makeup workshop on January 21, 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. This class is for beginners as well as people who have some makeup experience. Hall has worked in specialty make up for over 30 years and has an MA in Theater from Louisiana Tech. He also has an extensive background in visual arts and stage painting . Hall recently directed Frankenstein at SAAC and was responsible for designing and creating The Creature’s makeup, as well as doing the makeup for The Wizard of Oz.

The morning session will include basic stage makeup and old age makeup. At 1pm, Hall will teach scars, animal makeup, and specialty makeup.

Hall said, when asked about his passion for theater makeup, “Stage makeup is based on the old oil painting technique called “chiaroscuro” which is based on using shadow and highlights to provide dimensionality to two dimensional art. I have found that the more I work on this technique, the better at painting three dimensional objects I have become. Stage makeup basics are simple but fun. More and more people are finding the need for stage makeup, especially at Halloween. The real fun comes with specialty makeup and scars. SAAC will be producing several shows in the near future, including The Addams Family, A New Musical Comedy which will require specialty makeup, so if you have an interest, we can use you and your talents.”

Cost is $60 and includes a stage makeup kit for each participant, including brushes and specialty needs. Please bring makeup remover or baby wipes. Participants also should bring several photos of the specialty (animal, non-human) type of makeup they would like to do. Please advise the SAAC office if you are allergic to latex. Call 870-862-5474 to register.