Auditions for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, “Sunset Boulevard”, will be held on Friday, January 5 and Saturday, January 6, 2018 in the Callaway Theater at SAAC. The production is sponsored by Southern Bancorp and Teague Auto Group and is set to open in March.

Registration for auditions will begin at 6:00pm on Friday, January 5, with auditions beginning at 6:30pm. Friday night will concentrate on general auditions for everyone. Dress comfortably and be prepared to sing the song “The Perfect Year”. Saturday morning at 10:00 will be reserved for leads and new faces that were unable to attend auditions on Friday. Call backs will be on Saturday at 6:00pm. For more information about audition materials during the holidays, please send an email with your questions to

Print AUDITION FORM and AUDITION FLIER for full details.

Director Gary Hall and Assistant Director, Del Gates, are looking for talented singers and dancers, 16 years old and up, who would like to be a part of this Hollywood classic in musical form. There are four principals in the cast, two men and two women, who must be singers, and a very integral ensemble cast, as well, that plays everything from movie stage hands to secretaries to actual film cast members. “Music is the most important part of this play, so I am looking for singers who can ‘belt’ these ‘bring the house down’ songs. This will mainly be a singing audition, with 90% of the dialog in this play being sung instead of spoken,” said Hall. Hall has selected 25-32 bars from each song to be used at auditions. Music and accompaniment will be provided. See the SAAC website at for information about which songs the directors would like to hear for each character. Hall also mentioned that “Sunset Boulevard” is available for viewing on Netflix, if you are not familiar with the movie.

Rehearsals will be light for the first few weeks to allow cast members time to familiarize themselves with the music before on stage rehearsals begin.

Based on the Billy Wilder film, the musical version of “Sunset Boulevard” is a tale of faded glory and unfulfilled ambition. In her mansion on Sunset Boulevard, silent-screen goddess Norma Desmond lives in a fantasy world. Impoverished screenwriter, Joe Gillis, on the run from debt collectors, stumbles into her reclusive domain. Persuaded to work on Norma’s “masterpiece,” a film script that she believes will put her back in front of the cameras; he is seduced by her and her luxurious lifestyle. Joe becomes entrapped in a claustrophobic existence until his love for another woman leads him to try and break free with dramatic consequences.

For more information about auditions for “Sunset Boulevard” please call the SAAC office at 870-862-5474.